Palpatine Needs a ‘Star Wars’ Story

Before Solo, it seemed that there would be many more Star Wars standalone films to get excited for but with the dismal failure of Solo‘s box-office run Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that production for Star Wars movies in the future was going to slow down after Episode IX. When that happened all of the incredible ideas that could’ve been converted into Star Wars films was brought to an immediate halt.

The much-wanted Obi-Wan standalone film, the Boba Fett movie, the potential Solo sequels, these were films that were talked about but probably won’t ever to come to fruition. But, let’s say, Star Wars stories do become popular again and LucasFilm starts to crank them out once every couple of years or so like they have been doing. Well, I think it would be really fascinating to see a story focusing on Palpatine.

We know, from the Legends canon that in his younger years he was taught in the ways of the dark side by Darth Plagueis while also learning to become a senator of Naboo. This could make for an utterly riveting standalone film.

It could be a political thriller with horrifying dark side elements to it that transform the film into an interesting piece of work. Then we could learn the backstory of one of the franchise’s greatest and evilest villains in an exciting way that would be quite amazing if brought to the big screen.

Of course, this probably won’t happen and Palpatine’s backstory will always be a mystery but if someone at LucasFilm or Disney can hear me please consider this idea. I think fans would receive it very well if done correctly.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day. May the Force be with you.

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