The MCU Has One of the Most Amazing Interconnected Storylines Ever Made

In 2008 Marvel began a journey that would change my view of the superhero world forever with Iron Man. We all know how dismal Marvel movies used to be (remember Daredevil?) but now, ten years after this incredible adventure began, it seems that Marvel can do no wrong.

As other franchises have tried to jump on the multiple-movie-franchise bandwagon and failed miserably (Star WarsDC ComicsTransformers) it has become more and more apparent how incredible the MCU machine truly is.


Kevin Feige has overseen this machine since the beginning and has laced together a massive story that involves over two dozen superheroes. And what’s even more impressive is that small references that may mean nothing could lead to something very important in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Such as the reference to Doctor Stephen Strange in The Winter Soldier or Wakanda being referenced in a post-credits scene in Iron Man 2. Sometimes the storylines get a bit jumbled (have you noticed the timeline issues?) but everything is so interconnected.


Avengers: Infinity War was the ultimate masterpiece of this franchise’s beautiful collaboration of directors and writers. It featured different heroes, different franchises, but everything is placed together in such a tight web that everything makes sense.

As the years are going by my awe of this incredible Cinematic Universe has grown exponentially. Some of these heroes’ stories are passing on and new characters are coming to the forefront. It’s a beautiful passing of the torch that’ll lead to another ten years of harmonious adventures and wonderful movies for us to enjoy.

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