‘Frozen’ Is A Disney Masterpiece

When Frozen came out five years ago (can you believe it’s already five-years-old?) it was all the rage. You couldn’t go two seconds without hearing something about the latest Disney movie phenom, Frozen. That next year I finally got to see it for the first time after I bought it and I was blown away. Disney princess movies are hard to make. Especially ones as good as the classics like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast and yet Frozen managed to capture that same magic in a bottle in a modern way.

I was hooked. I couldn’t stop watching the movie. But then, after a while, I finally gave it a rest. So, after not having seen the movie in years, I decided to watch it last night and as I watched the film that captured the fancy of moviegoers all over the world I remembered why I loved this movie so much.

Major Spoiler Alert! If you’ve never watched this film then be warned. I’m delving into major spoiler territory moving forward. I thank you for heeding this warning.


Frozen is a timeless tale about a princess (or princesses) and their journey to finding love but it’s told with a modern twist. Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is the “perfect” candidate for Princess Anna’s affection. He’s handsome, chivalrous, kind, everything that a girl would want in a man. He’s the epitome of the concept Prince Charming. But then he turns out to be the true villain of the film, a shocking twist that no one would see coming and it’s a brilliant turn of events for the movie.


There’s also the charming relationship between Anna and Cristoff. Cristoff is no Prince Charming, far from it, but his respect and true friendship with Anna turns into something rather special. They defied death, faced giant snow monsters together, and it was soon clear that Cristoff was Anna’s true knight in shining armor.

But what I love about Frozen is that the true love story the film is trying to tell isn’t about Anna’s relationship with the men in her life. It’s a story about Anna and Elsa and the unbreakable familial bond that they share.


As a woman whose best friend is my sister this story between Anna and Elsa hits my emotions hard. Anna and Elsa were best friends when they were little girls but after the accident that would split them apart, their relationship became strained, almost awkward.

In her frustration and fear, Elsa turned the beautiful summer into a harsh winter but in the chaos, Elsa found peace with herself. Or at least she thought she did.


She began to love her abilities, building herself a gorgeous ice castle and clothing herself in the most beautiful dress I’ve seen on any Disney princess. She was finally happy but things went south fast as she realized that her power was hurting people and she didn’t know how to control it. In her fear and anger, she lashed out, piercing Anna’s heart unintentionally with ice which would, over time, kill Anna.

It’s at this moment that Elsa’s life turns upside down. Thanks to Prince Hans and his men they capture the queen but she still manages to escape. The wicked Prince Hans goes to find her, pretending to still be the caring prince that was his facade. He tells her she killed her sister and in her sorrow, she falls to her knees, completely oblivious to the fact that the prince is going to kill her.

Anna, who is freezing to death, sees this and makes a choice. She can go to Cristoff, accept his true love’s kiss in the same fashion that all princesses do in these Disney movies, or she can keep her sister from being killed. She chooses the latter.


Just as she raises her hand to stop Hans and protect Elsa she turns to ice, thus sacrificing herself to save her sister’s life. Oh, you want to talk about the waterworks I obtained while watching this part. Gosh, I was an emotional wreck.

It’s a twist that’ll spout tears from even the coldest-hearted person. But, because this is a children’s movie, Anna is revived due to Elsa’s hug of true love. It’s a touching moment that brings the film to a resounding conclusion that can only bring a gigantic watery smile to the face.


As with all Disney princess movies the characters have a happy ending but it’s this bond, this love between two sisters Anna and Elsa that is more beautiful than most relationships we’ve seen in films.

Frozen truly is a masterpiece. The songs are phenomenal, the adventure is riveting, and the characters are brilliantly made. It’s hard to make a GREAT children’s film but this is easily the greatest animated movie since Up and The Incredibles and it just might be my favorite Disney princess film of all time.

Frozen isn’t an overrated movie. It really is that good and that’s why I had to write a post about it.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

7 thoughts on “‘Frozen’ Is A Disney Masterpiece”

  1. I remember 5 years ago (when it first came out; I can’t believe it’s already been five years!!!), I was OBSESSED with this movie. I loved Elsa…. I heard that Disney was thinking about making Elsa gay, and that they were trying to figure out whether it would be “appropriate for the age group”…. But I don’t know if that was just a rumor or if it was true, so… 🙂

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    1. Yeah…I heard that too. Honestly, I don’t know if it that would be the smartest choice on Disney’s part. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with making her gay but I just don’t feel that it’s appropriate with her character.

      Now, maybe they can make a new princess movie featuring a lesbian princess. That would be totally acceptable (and cool.) But Elsa…I don’t know about that.

      I’m glad you liked the post. 🙂

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