Throwback Friday: A Spoiler-Free Review of ‘Black Panther’

It’s always fun to look back at old movie reviews because at that time the movie in question was still so fresh in my mind. Such as this one. Black Panther wowed moviegoers around the world and this spoiler-free review that I wrote roughly nine months ago proves how incredible this movie truly was and is.

And that’s why it’s part of this weekly segment of Throwback Friday. I hope you enjoy.

I watched Black Panther yesterday and I’m still reveling in how good the movie was. In fact, I watched Captain America: Civil War last night, which is something I haven’t done in over a year, because Black Panther was so great I wanted to look back at how T’Challa was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the movie had such an impact on me I woke up still thinking about brilliantly fantastic the film was. So, while the movie is still fresh in my mind, here’s my spoiler-free review.

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Is This Rumor for ‘Episode IX’ Worrying or Exciting?

The filming for Episode IX is underway and that means leaks and rumors are bound to seep through the cracks. Well, there’s a new rumor going around that has fans divided again over whether they should be excited or worried that J.J Abrams is taking us backward instead of forward.

Before I tell you what the rumor is let me provide you a disclaimer moving forward because this could potentially be a MASSIVE SPOILER for Episode IX. Of course, all rumors have to be taken with a grain of salt but still, we won’t know if it’s false until we watch the movie.

So now that you’ve read the disclaimer this is the leak.

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