I May Have Discovered a Shocking ‘Harry Potter’ Revelation

Every once in the blue moon I get the urge to watch the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 so I can receive new revelations from the films that I might have missed before (because these movies are so complex it takes multiple viewings to truly understand what’s going on.) So, I watched Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows and I immensely enjoyed it. Especially the Gellert Grindelwald references.

With Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald just under two weeks away it’s always exciting getting a bit of insight from the Harry Potter series for this highly-anticipated prequel-sequel.

But it was the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 that blew my mind with its revelations that put the entire saga in a whole new light. It’s always shocking to find out that Snape was truly Harry’s guardian angel while Dumbledore was simply raising and coddling Harry to one day be killed (how dare you Dumbledore!) but I noticed something even more shocking. Something that is so shocking that I’m still reeling from the discovery. Of course, I may be entirely incorrect with this theory, as I’ve done some research and it can be a bit disproving, but I think, deep down, that I may be correct. You’re probably wondering what I discovered that’s so shocking. Well, I’ll tell you, but you might want to take a deep breath first.

Okay…are you ready? This is what I discovered after my most recent viewing of the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

I think Professor Snape is Harry’s biological father.

Okay, before you completely dismiss the idea just hear me out because this theory I’m about to present provides a very interesting argument. So, let me share with you why I think Snape is Harry’s real dad.

1. The Expecto Patronum Charm


If you’re a Harry Potter fan then you know that Harry’s Patronus charm animal is a stag. It turns out that Lily and Snape had the same animal, which is very interesting. It makes sense that Lily and Harry would both have stag Patronus charms but Snape too? What’s up with that?

According to the Harry Potter Wikipedia Snape would disguise his Patronus Charm so that no one could identify his deep love for Lily Potter. His true animal however was a stag which I guess symbolizes that love that he was trying to hide. Or maybe it means something more.

In the flashback that Harry saw Snape was speaking to Dumbledore about Harry Potter. As Dumbledore told Snape that Harry would have to die because Voldemort lived within him Snape was furious. When Dumbledore questioned why he suddenly seemed to care for Harry so much Snape revealed his stag Patronus, shocking Dumbledore (who you know isn’t usually surprised.)

Either this meant that Dumbledore didn’t know Snape had such a fierce love for Lily and therefore a love for her son, Harry Potter, or it hinted that Snape may actually be the true father of Harry.

2. The Book of the Half-Blood Prince


Harry was never a potions maestro or at least he wasn’t until he met the book previously owned by the “Half-Blood Prince.” This book, as you may well know, belonged to Snape as a student and it turns out that Harry grew a connection to it almost instantly. In fact, he was so addicted to the book that Ginny had to hide it from him in the Room of Requirement.

I’m not saying this exactly proves that Harry and Snape are related but it can be a factor.

3. And Finally (and most importantly) Harry’s Black Hair


Okay, there has been a lot of things said about Harry and his similarity to his parents. A lot of people say he is so much like his father, James Potter, but they always say the same thing; he has his mother’s eyes. And of course, why wouldn’t he be similar to the man and woman J.K Rowling made us believe were his parents the entire time only to drop a bombshell twist that’ll catch so many people off guard.

Yeah, James has the glasses and looks a lot like Harry, to be honest, but here’s where things get strange. James has brown hair and his mother, Lily, has red hair. So where did Harry get his jet black hair from?

I never really thought about Harry’s hair color growing up because I just figured that’s the way things shook out but now maybe his hair color holds a clue to one of the greatest shockers in movie (or fictional) history.

Of course, this is just a theory and I’m sure it’s wrong. And I know that I’m seven years late figuring out all of this stuff. But hey, better late than never. And if J.K Rowling announces in an interview that Snape is actually Harry’s real dad I am going to lose it.

I thank you for reading my theory and I hope you have a great day.

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