This Potential Rumor for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Might Blow Your Mind

Rumors are hard to come by and so when they arrive it’s like getting a piece of delightful candy that’s only available every once in a while. So, on that note, a new rumor has arrived that is so mind-blowing that I couldn’t help but want to share it with you all. Of course, you definitely want to take this with a grain of salt because it’s probably invalid. But if it isn’t…well, this movie is going to be very interesting.

So, here’s the rumor.


You remember a little over two months ago when it was announced that Matt Smith (Doctor WhoThe Crown) was joining Episode IX in an important but undisclosed role? Well, rumors surrounding his mysterious character are starting to circle and they are juicy indeed.

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‘Alien’ or ‘Aliens’: Which Movie Is Better?

The Alien franchise has made a combined $1.3 billion dollars over six movies making it one of the most successful science-fiction franchises ever created. Of course, the two best films are the franchise’s first two entries; Alien and Aliens which star Sigourney Weaver as one of the greatest heroines ever conceived in movie history. These movies, helmed by two of the greatest directorial minds in our time, Ridley Scott and James Cameron, are absolutely phenomenal pieces of work.

They’re scary, wracked with suspense, and each movie tells a concise story that is perfectly made and yet they couldn’t be more different.


Alien is a film unlike any other science-fiction film ever made. It’s quiet, it’s compact, it’s intense, and it is 100% terrifying. Alien just may be one of the scariest films ever made due to its disturbing moments that will haunt even the staunchest person. From the parasite jumping on the dude’s face to the robot’s horrific killing spree malfunction, this movie is on another level of horrifying.

Ripley’s heroism and bravery in that situation are on full display as she tries to keep a level head amidst the deathly chaos and manages to kill the alien as she blasts it out to space. As the movie comes to an end it seems that this story has come to a satisfying conclusion but unfortunately for Ripley, it hasn’t.

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