‘Alien’ or ‘Aliens’: Which Movie Is Better?

The Alien franchise has made a combined $1.3 billion dollars over six movies making it one of the most successful science-fiction franchises ever created. Of course, the two best films are the franchise’s first two entries; Alien and Aliens which star Sigourney Weaver as one of the greatest heroines ever conceived in movie history. These movies, helmed by two of the greatest directorial minds in our time, Ridley Scott and James Cameron, are absolutely phenomenal pieces of work.

They’re scary, wracked with suspense, and each movie tells a concise story that is perfectly made and yet they couldn’t be more different.


Alien is a film unlike any other science-fiction film ever made. It’s quiet, it’s compact, it’s intense, and it is 100% terrifying. Alien just may be one of the scariest films ever made due to its disturbing moments that will haunt even the staunchest person. From the parasite jumping on the dude’s face to the robot’s horrific killing spree malfunction, this movie is on another level of horrifying.

Ripley’s heroism and bravery in that situation are on full display as she tries to keep a level head amidst the deathly chaos and manages to kill the alien as she blasts it out to space. As the movie comes to an end it seems that this story has come to a satisfying conclusion but unfortunately for Ripley, it hasn’t.


You can tell that James Cameron (the director behind Terminator and Avatar) was the mind visually and storywise behind Aliens. This sequel is a much more action-packed, militaristic sort of movie with Ripley once again stealing the show with her constant strength and levelheadedness.

But while this sequel may not feel as contained as Alien with its larger surroundings and increased number of alien bait (the characters) it still stays true to the concept of the original film. Slowly but surely characters find themselves faced with gruesome deaths and the horror the aliens bring is all too present. Ripley, the only person who has faced the lethal extraterrestrial before, tries to help her fellow crewmates but as always no one wanted to listen to her. It wasn’t long however before she takes matters into her own hands and tries to lead the last surviving members to safety.

I absolutely love Ripley’s fierceness in this movie. In Alien she was a terrified woman whose only goal was to escape the Nostromo so that she may live to see another day. In Aliens that fear is replaced with a smoldering anger that’s impossible to quench as she faces her worst fear; the Alien.

Honestly, it’s kind of a hard decision because both movies are so good. And I love that neither film had to involve any sexual content or unnecessary romance because what would have been the point? And yeah Ripley might have started to acquire a more-than-friendly relationship with Hicks in Aliens but it didn’t dominate the movie and it didn’t coalesce into something absolutely ridiculous. I appreciate that.

Which Movie Is The Best?


Really, each movie is phenomenal in its own special way but I think I’d have to say that Alien is my favorite of the two. There’s something so undeniably perfect about its conception and its entire makeup. The characters, the horror, the music, Ridley Scott’s directorial vision. everything about it was just an utter masterpiece and that’s what led me to this decision.

Which movie do you think is better? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “‘Alien’ or ‘Aliens’: Which Movie Is Better?”

  1. Hi Annlyel,

    Yep Alien. The “floating camera” technique just drops you front and centre in the middle of this nightmare scenario. And afterwards it just gets more closed in as there is only you, Ripley and the Alien left. I actually came face to face with the Alien in real life. Back in the early 90’s a book about the films was released and I knew one of the contributors to the book and was invited to a promotional event and got to see a screen used Machette (stop-go animation puppet). It was, to use your favourite word beyond Awesome! It was a real work of art.

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