An Eight-Year Late Review of ‘Tron: Legacy’

In 2011 I remember watching this movie with my family in our hotel room. Due to having to check out, we were unable, however, to finish the film. Since then I have barely given the movie any thought. In fact, I completely forgot about it. So imagine my intrigue when I saw it playing the other day on SYFY. I figured this was my chance to finally watch the entire film so I could see what happened. Of course, considering that I saw it seven years ago I had pretty much forgotten the entire movie so I was basically watching a brand new movie. And boy was it awesome…until it wasn’t.


Okay, before I delve deep into this review I just want to commend Disney for this film’s utterly magnificent beauty. The CGI was phenomenal (except for Jeff Bridges’ digitally de-aged face but that’s another topic) and the concept of these neon-lit suits and this digital world inside of Tron was simply captivating. I love a beautiful movie and¬†Tron: Legacy¬†was gorgeous. Having said that the film was pretty much a huge disappointment.

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