Throwback Friday: My Review of ‘Justice League’

Last November was a fun month for superhero movie lovers when Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League came out. While I own Thor: Ragnarok now and love watching every moment of it I never felt the urge to buy Justice League. In fact, I haven’t watched it since I saw it in the movie theaters. But after revisiting my review of the film I kind of want to watch it now. So, because I loved re-reading this review so much I decided to make it the topic of this week’s Throwback Friday. I hope you enjoy!

I heard the critics and all of their opinions on Justice League. They said it wasn’t a movie worth watching, that it was a huge step backward from Wonder Woman, and I believed them, that’s why it took me until yesterday to see it. And now that I’ve seen it I’m so glad I did. I have to admit, I enjoyed Justice League immensely. I watched the entire film, credits and all, thinking at any point that the movie was going to turn south and I was going to regret ever coming to see this superhero flick but it never happened! The story was simple yet cohesive, the characters were great, and yes there were flaws but overall I had a great time watching this movie. So, on that note, I’m going to tell you all of the things I did and didn’t like about this film. Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Justice League yet and you would rather stay in the dark about the movie’s premise and outcomes I would advise you to discontinue reading this now. Okay, I thank you for acknowledging this warning. Now to the review.

The Story


I was surprised because the story was surprisingly cohesive and it wasn’t hard to follow. This is basically what the entire movie was about. When Superman died it was basically the universe’s Batman signal to come to wreak havoc on Earth and so this formidable (not that formidable but I’ll get to that later) villain named Steppenwolf returned out of exile to reunite these three Motherboxes to create this thing called the Unity which would destroy Earth and create his own world. That’s what the entire movie was about. Batman had to bring together a team of remarkable heroes to prevent Steppenwolf from creating the Unity and ending the world. It’s a very simple plot and they stuck to it. They never strayed from the storyline and everything made sense when it happened which is all I really care about. A movie doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make sense.

And then along the way, the Justice League realized they weren’t complete without their sixth member, Superman, so they took one of the Motherboxes and resurrected him, which was pretty cool. It also led to a fun skirmish between the members of the Justice League and Superman which was a blast to observe.


You forget how powerful Superman is until you see him take on Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash all by himself! It also increases my appreciation for Batman because he actually defeated the seemingly invincible Kryptonian. Bruce Wayne is one bad man.

So, once that part ended with Superman flying off with his fiancée, Lois Lane back to his home in Kansas the story kind of took itself off pause and the mission to stop Steppenwolf from combining the three Motherboxes continued.


It all led to a rather epic fight that, of course, the Justice League won, with the help of Superman coming to help his friends. And then the movie was basically over. That was the story in a nutshell and now I’m going to talk about the heroes of the Justice League.

The Characters



Batman is always cool because, well, it’s Batman. Even Ben Affleck’s version of the caped crusader is awesome. I had heard that in this movie Ben Affleck delivered a terrible performance but I felt otherwise. He acted just like he did in Batman vs. Superman. He was austere and his eye was set on completing his mission to save the world, as well as Wonder Woman but that’s a whole other story. All in all, I liked Batman in the film and I’ll be kind of sad if those rumors about him leaving the role of Batman behind are true.

Wonder Woman


It comes as no surprise that Wonder Woman was absolutely incredible in the movie. She might be the only female member of the Justice League so far but she’s such a leader. She’s also a simply stunning woman. I mean she’s so very pretty, I love Wonder Woman.

She also kicks so much butt in this film. I loved when she first appeared in the movie to stop those criminals in London.


When she blocked all of those bullets and saved that guy from being shot I was like, “WHAT!!!” Wonder Woman is so awesome! She’s definitely my favorite member of the Justice League and probably always will be. I also appreciated that they let her fight without as much slow motion this time around. While I did like the action scenes in Wonder Woman there was a slight overload of slow motion in her fighting scenes. I’m glad that wasn’t the case in Justice League.



While Jason Momoa’s version of the originally blond-haired fish man is undoubtedly the best version of the character so far he was, unfortunately, the least developed character in the team. Everyone else had a backstory that I now know thanks to the movie and here he was, this rad, muscular, tattooed hipster who lives in the water and helps deliver fish to poor people in isolated fishing towns. I think his mother was a queen of Atlantis but that’s all the information I got of his backstory. In his standalone film next December I know I’ll get all of the backstories that a person could want about Aquaman but it was simply a surprise at how little the writers seemed to care about him except for him having to be on the team. I still like him a lot though. 🙂

The Flash


I liked The Flash surprisingly more than I thought I would. Yes, he was nerdy but you need that aspect in a superhero team. Not everyone is like Wonder Woman or Superman and just looks at these incredible people as just regulars. You need that person in the team who sees everything transpiring like we see everything happening. That makes it realistic and it provides a bit of levity that the film needed.

He also was very funny. I think the funniest part with him was when he saw Cyborg for the first time and he was just looking around at everyone like, “Am I the only one seeing this robot with a half-human face?!” That made me laugh so hard inside. After seeing The Flash I have a feeling I’ll enjoy his film a lot.



While I was glad that Superman was back I felt that it was a little odd how jovial he was in this film. Up to this point, Superman has always been a quiet, austere guy. He can smile but he doesn’t smile a lot. I like that about Superman. In Justice League, however, he was constantly smiling and it was kind of weird. I get it. They’re trying to appease critics who said that he was too serious all of the time but you don’t have to make him corny either. And the CGI removal of his mustache bothered me the entire time he was on the screen. I was trying not to look at it too hard and ignore the fact that his face looked weird but I couldn’t. It was just way too bizarre. They should have had him return with a beard instead of him staying clean-shaven because that would’ve looked a whole lot better.



I can’t believe I’m saying this but Cyborg is literally my second favorite member of the Justice League. He was so awesome! His robot body didn’t look as bad as it did in the commercials and trailers. I loved his relationship with Wonder Woman. They would make a great duo. I loved his story arc in the film and I am just excited when this Cyborg movie to come out, whenever it does.


I really didn’t think I would like Cyborg as much as I did but I found myself cheering for him nearly the entire movie. Whoever thought to cast Ray Fisher as the character was a genius because he looks exactly like I would imagine Cyborg to look. He’s so cool! I can’t wait to see him appear again in another DC film. I’m going to be so happy when he does.

Now, while the movie was very enjoyable to watch there were some major flaws that I couldn’t ignore and so here they are.

The Movie’s Flaws



Steppenwolf was clearly the lamest villain to appear in a DC film to date. Before I rant about him let’s talk about these other villains that have appeared in the DC Universe so far.

You had General Zod and his followers in Man of Steel. They were formidable villains who were just as strong as Superman and could have defeated him if Superman wasn’t, well, Superman. The caped Kryptonian had to nearly destroy an entire city to kill Zod. That’s a villain worth the likes of Superman.

Then you in Batman vs. Superman you had Doomsday, a giant ogre-looking creature that couldn’t be killed by anything except kryptonite. He was so tough he literally killed Superman!! Now that’s a powerful foe.

And then in Wonder Woman Diana had to fight the god Ares! Yes, I said it, a god. She couldn’t just pummel him into submission. No, she had to tap into her own inner well of unfathomable power to defeat him.

You see the trend. These characters are superheroes because they had to fight foes that were sometimes more powerful than them. When they manage to defeat these villains they become stronger than ever and that’s a great thing.

So here we have Steppenwolf, this creature who is supposed to be so powerful and mighty that you need the entire Justice League to defeat him and yet he wasn’t that powerful. All it took was two punches in the face from Superman, some laser eyes, and some frost breath, and Steppenwolf was history. What type of villain is that? At least in both Avengers films, I felt a little worried for the heroes. And Quicksilver ended up dying in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ultron might not have been that menacing of a villain but at least I could believe that it needed all of the Avengers to stop him. Superman could defeat Steppenwolf by himself with his eyes closed and that’s not good.

I’m really hoping when another Justice League movie comes around the villains are actually frightening and not terribly lackluster foes with a flat purpose to take over the world.



Oh my goodness, the CGI in this film was some of the worst CGI I have ever seen. There was one point when Steppenwolf came to Earth via a portal on the Amazonian island of Themyscira. He literally looked like a game character the CGI was that poorly done. And like I said earlier, they tried to CGI-shave Superman’s face and it just looked very, very odd at times. And while the action scenes were very enjoyable the CGI was horrendous. You can tell that they were definitely rushing on this film.

My Conclusion of Justice League


Yes, the movie did have its flaws and yes it isn’t going to win an award for Best Movie of the Year but compared to what most people said about the film I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I never got lost with the plot of the film, the movie never got corny, and nothing didn’t happen that didn’t make sense.

I absolutely loved every single action scene. I loved that Lois Lane’s involvement in the film didn’t include her getting in the middle of a raging battlefield, a place she’s not supposed to be, which means she’s going to have to get rescued. Ugh. I loved the characters and how they all came together as a team and I simply enjoyed the movie.

All in all, I would give Justice League 4 out of 5 stars.

I thank you for reading my review and I hope you’ve enjoyed. Have a wonderful day.


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