‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Is Taking Too Long for Anything Good To Happen

Every week I watch an episode of Star Wars: Resistance and write a review on that particular episode. This week’s episode was so lackluster that I actually forgot to write a review yesterday so I’m writing it today. *smiling sheepishly*

Now, don’t get me wrong, this latest episode, Dangerous Business, wasn’t particularly bad. Here is the show’s synopsis: In exchange for parts, Kaz minds acquisitions for Flix and Orka and comes into conflict with a shady alien customer in league with the First Order.

In fact, it was one of the best in the series so far, but what was disappointing is that the season is trying so desperately to drag along the First Order’s involvement instead of just getting to the point.

Three, four, maybe, even five episodes could have been erased from the season so far because they added absolutely nothing to the story and now we’ve got to wait ANOTHER week for the First Order to MAYBE finally play a large role in this show.

I’m trying so hard to hang on and retain hope that this show will get good but every week continues to disappoint. I said Star Wars: Resistance is the worst Star Wars animated series and I stick by that comment. If next week’s episode still continues to keep the First Order on the back burner I am going to be very, very sad.

I’m giving this episode 85 out of a 100 out and 3.5 out of 5 stars. Like I said before, it’s not terrible but it was disappointing.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.


My Fun Weekly Twitter Poll Has Gone Live!

The Oscar nominations have just been announced and so for this week’s Twitter poll I decided to make it the subject of choice. Here is the tweet.

I’m so excited about The Oscars this year and it’s nice to see that there others who are participating in the Oscars aftermath as well. It’s going to be fun. So, become a part of the conversation and share your opinion by voting in this day-long poll. It’s all for fun and who doesn’t love a bit of fun? 🙂

As you can see, if I could vote, I would definitely pick Very Excited! All of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture I feel deserve the nomination and so I can’t wait to see what gets what. February 24 here we come!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have an outstanding day.

‘Black Panther’ Becomes the First Ever Superhero To Be Nominated for Best Picture!

Remember when Black Panther came out last February? Remember how it broke records left and right and became an instant cultural phenomenon? And remember when it, just a few weeks, was surprisingly nominated for Best Picture for the Golden Globes? Well, this Black Panther train ride hasn’t ended yet because it just got seven nominations, including the most prestigious nomination every filmmaker could ever dream of; a nomination for Best Picture.

I waited and waited, growing more and more surprised at all of the nominations the film was receiving, but when it was announced that Black Panther was indeed one of the eight films nominated for the grandest movie award in Hollywood I was downright thrilled.

Yes, there will be those that say Black Panther doesn’t deserve the nomination. And yeah, even I’m a bit surprised considering that clearly, my favorite superhero film is The Dark Knight which I think–even eight years after its release–is still better than Black Panther. But the reason why Black Panther was nominated was that it was something we’ve never seen before that impacted not just the inhabitants of the United States but the world.


We got to see black women portrayed as powerful, smart, independent, kind, and naturally beautiful which is something that has never really been portrayed in cinema.


And we got to see black men with so many different facets. They were villainous and triumphant, benevolent and cruel, powerful and weak. These were fascinating characters with depth, something you don’t often see with characters of color.

Black Panther may not be your favorite superhero or mine but it is powerful and it’s that power that has allowed it to receive such praise and accolades in Hollywood.

Are you excited about this news? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.