My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Five

Mother and Son

Poe Dameron ran through the winding halls of the Resistance base as members of the Resistance scurried to their various destinations. He turned a corner and immediately saw the stairway he needed to take to get to one of the Resistance’s landing pads.

Without hesitation, he climbed the stairs, his lungs burning with the exertion of his sprinting. Just as he reached the top of the stairs an explosion knocked him backward.

He landed on his back hard and he could only wheeze as the air was knocked from him.

Around him, screaming ensued as the explosion rained debris on everyone’s heads and sent people staggering to the floor.

“Poe!” he heard a woman scream in the midst of the chaos.

He looked to see a tall blond-haired woman running toward him. He recognized her to be Lieutenant Sterk. Groaning he struggled to sit up. She knelt by his side, a legitimate expression of concern on her face.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

He nodded shakily. “I think so.”

His gaze raised to the top of the stairs where smoke billowed and his eyes widened.


Finn was following General Leia’s orders; helping people get to the cruisers. It wasn’t an easy job since things were so hectic but he was determined to fulfill it.

He was running down one of the halls looking for others who may need help when a young woman with caramel skin called him over.

“You’re Finn right?” the young woman asked.

He nodded. She grinned.

“Good, we need people to help man the cannons.” She grabbed his hand, dragging him along behind her. “A squadron of TIE fighters has been spotted and we need to take them out. Are you up for that?”

Finn nodded again. “I think so.”

Her smile widened. She pulled him into a long corridor where Resistance fighters were seated at cannons whooping and hissing as they either found their targets or missed them.

“Get to work soldier,” she said as she mounted a cannon.

He did the same. Sitting behind the controls he found himself smiling. Two times he had sat in a seat very similar to this. Once with Poe when they were fleeing the First Order and once with Rey when he and she were escaping Jakku.

He gazed at the red screen, saw the triangular targets, and with his jaw clenching, began to fire.

Kylo Ren moved through the Resistance base, felling anyone who came near his lightsaber. He could sense the Resistance’s fear emanating from the very walls. It almost seemed to blanket his senses. But he was not worried about that.

He was searching for someone else. He was searching for…Leia.

The hall suddenly split into three different directions, halting Kylo’s progress. He looked to each hall, letting the Force decide his course.

“Knights, take the left and right halls. I’ll take the middle.”

They did as he commanded, slipping away like deadly shadows. He continued forward, his skin beading with sweat, for he could feel Leia’s presence and she was very close.

General Leia Organa knew she should be on one of the cruisers. It should’ve been her first priority. But, like in her younger years, she was never one to leave others behind. She was always one of the last to leave in an evacuation and she still believed in that philosophy.

She had helped many Resistance members who were in complete disarray and as explosions shook the mountain, raining dust and stones on everyone’s heads, she knew something bad was about to happen.

And then she felt him. Her son’s presence. She could never forget that feeling. It was the same feeling she had gotten when she had first spoken to him within her womb. With instant tears welling in her eyes, she turned to face the hallway behind her.

Standing in the corridor with the crimson red lightsaber lighting half of his features in a haunting red glow was indeed her son, Ben Solo, or as they called him now, Kylo Ren.

Her lip quivered when she saw him.

It had been so many years since last they had seen each other face to face. And now, as a grown man, he strikingly reminded her of Han, a cruel fact considering that it was he who had taken Han away from her.

Stepping forward she said, “Ben.”

He just stared at her, his dark eyes betraying strong waves of emotion. She took another step.


He still didn’t respond. She stopped, gazing at him intently.

“You’ve come to kill me, haven’t you?” she asked.

Ben pointed his saber at her. “Yes, and I will not hesitate.”

Her jaw clenched. With a flick of her wrist, a lightsaber shot into her hand from her robe’s sleeve.

“You may try but I will not be as easy to kill as Han was.”

She could see a hint of fear in Kylo’s eyes at those words. Then, with clenched teeth, he charged.

Poe scrambled up the stairway despite the fact that he was putting himself in danger. Distant explosions shook the mountain but that didn’t stop him. He could hear Lieutenant Sterk yelling at him from behind to return into the base but he wasn’t leaving BB-8 for anyone.

He burst through the door at the top of the stairs where he found a most dismal sight. The landing pad was clustered with X-Wings set aflame or dead Resistance pilots and mechanics sprawled upon the platform.

He ran to where his X-Wing had been and unfortunately only found a burning husk of what was his pride and joy.

“BB-8!” he yelled. There was no response.

A perfectly healthy member of the Resistance appeared supporting a mechanic whose right side of the face was smeared with blood. He rushed past them when he heard a faint whistle.

He ran toward the source of the noise and nearly cried with relief when he found a sooty BB-8 keeping another less lucky droid company.

“Buddy, I was looking for you!” he said.

BB-8 trilled indignantly as if he was shocked that Poe would think he was dead. Poe heard an explosion that sounded a little too close for his liking and when he looked upward to the sky a TIE fighter appeared from the fog plummeting straight toward the landing pad.

“BB-8!” he yelled as he sprinted for the doorway leading back into the base.

He looked back and was relieved to see BB-8 speeding along behind him. Just as the TIE fighter crashed in a fiery explosion that shook the ground Poe and BB-8 entered the Resistance base and he slammed the door behind them.

Looking down at the droid he said, “We need to find another X-Wing.”

Leia wasn’t liking the way the duel was going so far. Luke had taught her well in the way of the saber and how to use it in combat but Kylo Ren was clearly a greater swordsman than she was and it was showing.

He pummeled her defenses and she found herself believing that he didn’t want to kill her because he could’ve by now. With a grunt, she blocked his mid-section thrust before twirling, bringing the ancient weapon in a blue arc toward his legs.

Their sabers locked, forcing her to look into his fierce expression. His dark eyes bored into hers and she almost wanted to shrink from his glare but she didn’t. In fact, she stared back. His chin wobbled.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

His eyes began to turn glassy. “I have to.”

She shook her head. “You don’t have to do anything.”

A tear forged its way down his cheek. “But you don’t understand…”

She knew he was distracted. She could feel it in the lack of control in the lock of their sabers. With a yell, she spun the saber and it flew out of his hands. With a thrust of her hand, he fell to the floor with the power of the Force.

She looked down at him, tears welling in her own eyes.

“Ben, this isn’t you. You don’t have to do anything Snoke says because you know deep down that no matter what you did your father is still with you.”

Kylo’s lip quivered.

She placed the hilt of the saber back to her secret compartment before kneeling beside her son. She outstretched her fingers to touch his cheek and was surprised when he didn’t recoil.

Holding his cheek she said, “I love you, Ben. Remember that.”

With that, she left him lying on the ground as she ran to find her cruiser.

Kylo Ren thought he would be strong enough to not mind killing Leia but when he found himself in her presence he was immediately shaken. Years of communication with her through the power of the Force made their bond unbreakable and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t forget that.

He looked down at his trembling gloved hands and in the solitude of that hallway his head fell and he began to weep.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magnificent day. May the Force be with you.


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    1. Yeah, Holdo is non-existent. I’ve replaced her with a character kind of similar but much more important to the story who will be introduced to further in the story.

      I’m glad you like my idea of making Leia awesome, because that’s what she is, awesome. 🙂

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