My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Six

Storming the Base

Captain Phasma piloted her craft–a modified TIE fighter with chrome finishes on the wings and equipped with even more weapons–through the dense fog surrounding the Resistance base. Surrounding her was her own personal squadron, a slew of TIE fighters whose pilots’ training she had personally overseen.

Through the blanket of white mist covering everything in sight appeared a massive mountain blazing with cannon fire. It was the Resistance base. TIE fighters tried desperately to attack the mountain’s defenses but they were plucked from the sky with ease, tumbling to their deaths in the hidden depths below.

Captain Phasma was disgusted by her army’s lack of understanding of how to destroy the Resistance. Yes, the Resistance was curled up in their little hole like the weaselly rodents that resided on her home planet, Parnassos but like on Parnassos she knew how to expose rodents.

“Squadron Zero,” she spoke, “target the cannons.”

“Yes, Captain Phasma,” the TIE pilots responded.

Captain Phasma pushed her craft into a dive toward the Resistance base.

Finn shot at the TIE fighters, grinning every time his aim connected with one of the grey crafts. And then he saw it, a particularly dangerous looking TIE fighter that zipped through the fog. A flash of light caught the chrome on the ship’s wings and Finn’s eyes widened.

That was Phasma. Now she was his main target.

With gritted teeth, he began trying to shoot her but couldn’t seem to find the target. And then he saw her ship zooming toward the mountain. Finn’s eyes widened.

Missiles fired from the chrome-winged vessel and Finn could only watch as they raced toward the cannons. He couldn’t even yell for the Resistance to watch out as the missiles exploded into the cannons, sending fire through the hall.

The explosion ricocheted, sending most of the cannons into flames, including Finn’s. He fell to the ground with a yell as the flames nearly engulfed him.

Panic ensued as Resistance fighters went scrambling for cover or from the hall.

Finn looked to his right and was horrified to see the caramel-skinned woman who had brought him here gazing at the ceiling in an eternally blank stare. She was dead.

Gasping, he rose to his feet and began to run.

Poe reached a landing pad the First Order hadn’t targeted where dozens of X-Wings were being prepared for takeoff. When the pilots saw him their eyebrows raised in confusion. One pilot, a young diminutive woman with red hair tied back into a ponytail, walked forward.

“Commander Dameron. Didn’t fancy seeing you here,” she said.

An explosion rumbled in the distance. BB-8 whistled agitatedly.

“Okay, listen up,” he said loud enough where anyone in the area could hear him. “Landing Pad One has been compromised and my squadron along with it. I know Timara Varn,” he reclined his head toward the red-haired woman, “is your captain here but things have changed and now I am in charge.

“General Leia has assigned me with a simple duty that we must make sure to uphold. Up there,” he pointed toward the ceiling, emphasizing space, “the First Order is waiting for us with forces we can’t defeat as of this moment. So, protect the cruisers with everything that you can. Got it?”

The pilots on the landing pad roared a deafening, “Yes, sir!”

Poe turned to Captain Timara who regarded him with a mild glare. He smiled sheepishly. “I’m going to need your ship.”

Lieutenant Connix had never been this panicked in her life. The First Order was attacking the mountain with unparalleled aggression and news was spreading that they were preparing to enter the base. She needed to find General Leia.

And that’s why she was having such a hard time. General Leia Organa had told her to get as many people on the cruisers as possible but when a sufficient amount of time had passed and she hadn’t seen General Leia aboard one of the cruisers she had begun to worry.

It was after the first explosion, however, that she had gone to find her. And now, minutes later, she still couldn’t seem to locate her anywhere.

“General Leia!” she screamed.

She turned into a hall which was abnormally dark due to a power outage. At the end of the corridor, she could hear screams of horror. Her eyes widened and her breaths became short. At the end of the hall, she saw movement. Like a shadow was altering the darkness.

She backed away, her heartbeat pounding in her ears as two strange men in hooded robes and wielding weapons glowing with red energy moved toward her. She didn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. She turned and ran for her life, not daring to look back, even as she heard their footsteps closing in on her.

As she rounded a corner she unholstered her handheld blaster and shot at them. She cursed as she missed. Not paying attention she ran right into a woman. She scrambled onto her feet and was surprised to discover that she had finally found General Leia.

The robed individuals rounded the corner, their weapons raised to inflict lethal harm. Connix screamed, raising her blaster to shoot, but Leia had another plan. She simply raised her hand and the two pursuers were sent flying into the wall, thus falling to the floor unconscious.

Connix’s jaw dropped. When Leia stood she regarded her with wide eyes.

“I’ve been looking for you,” was the only thing Connix could muster the thought to say.

Leia smiled. “Well, you’ve found me. Now let’s get to a cruiser.”

Captain Phasma landed her craft on one of the few unoccupied landing pads before exiting the vessel to enter the base, her long black cape billowing behind her. Squadrons of stormtroopers were already infiltrating the base and now, it was her turn. Standing in front of the doorway was her most elite fighters. They had fulfilled many invasions before and now this would be another notch in their resumé.

One of the stormtroopers, an officer by the looks of his black shoulder pad, stepped forward. “Phasma.”

She nodded at him. Stopping before the stormtroopers she held her chrome blaster in hand.

“You know the drill,” she started. “Find and destroy the Resistance.”

“Yes sir,” the troopers said in unison as they saluted her.

They marched into the base, blasters raised to shoot, and Phasma followed along behind them.

Finn entered the hangar where the cruisers were preparing to leave. It was pandemonium as members of the Resistance scurried here and there, carrying boxes and pushing crates to their various destinations.

The hangar was humongous, and it should be. Four massive vessels sat stationed in the hangar, the motors’ engines humming with an unsurprising urgency. Finn began to help anyone that he could as the Resistance prepared for departure.

Admiral Ackbar stood on one of the ramps of the cruisers yelling out orders to the Resistance, accentuating the chaotic atmosphere. After a few minutes, the hangar was practically empty. That’s when Finn finally boarded the nearest cruiser.

To his great joy, it was the first one that was departing. As the ramp closed and he felt the ship beginning to lift he released a long breath. The escape plan was far from over but at least he felt a little safer.

Laser fire filled the halls of the Resistance base as stormtroopers picked off Resistance fighters scrambling to escape. Those few unlucky Resistance members tried to put up a fight but they were quickly defeated.

Phasma marched through the desolate halls, her gaze scanning for anything of importance, and was disgusted to see that the Resistance had already cleaned house.

She turned a corner and snarled as she marched into a hangar where the Resistance cruisers were beginning to leave.

She immediately raised her blaster and began to shoot at the cruiser’s engines, of course to no avail.

“Troopers! Fire at the engines!” she yelled.

Two stormtroopers ran forward with a cannon held between them. They put it on the ground, touched a button on its side that charged the cannon and fired.

A large red bolt zoomed toward the nearest cruiser’s engine but its plan of destruction was foiled as the laser blast dissolved on the ship’s rear shield. Phasma cursed.

She could only watch as a massive door that looked like the very stone slid open, allowing the cruisers to roar out of the mountain to a new destination.

Phasma felt like punching something. Her job was to destroy the Resistance and that hadn’t been able to happen by her hand. But the Resistance’s troubles were far from over.

Turning on her transmitter General Hux appeared in a small hologram, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Captain Phasma, report,” he said in that tone that made him sound more authoritative.

Sometimes, like at the moment, that tone got on her nerves.

Containing her temper she said, “The Resistance has escaped the base in four cruisers,” she looked to the open door, “and are heading your way.”

General Hux’s thin lips spread in a wicked smile.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fascinating day. May the Force be with you.

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