Oscar Week Countdown: Who’s Going To Win? (The Final Day)

Oh my goodness, tonight’s the big night and as you can probably tell, I’m excited! Today I predict the winners for the final two categories; Best Director and Best Picture and hopefully my predictions turn out to be correct. 🙂

So, here goes.

The Nominees for Best Director:

Pawel Pawlikowski, Yorgos Lanthimos, Adam McKay, Spike Lee, Alfonso Cuarón

I’ve seen Alfonso Cuarón’s work before in his Oscar-winning role for Gravity. He’s an incredible director! His vision is so artful and stunning that I am not at all surprised that he’s gotten a nomination for Roma. I would be really surprised if he didn’t win unless Spike Lee finally got the recognition that he royally deserves. Only then would be satisfied.

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Which ‘Star Wars’ Heroine Has Your Favorite Outfit?

Last week on Who’s Your Favorite I asked you all which Marvel heroine had your favorite outfit. Today I’m tackling another remarkable franchise; Star Wars. This post will delve into the various and unique looks created for these inspiring female characters. I hope you enjoy. 🙂



Star Wars is known to have heroines with durable, realistic approaches of clothing that don’t sexualize the characters in the slightest but then there are those like Qi’ra who don’t mind showing a bit of skin. We see her in Solo donning a rather elegant look with this stunning black dress.


And then during the adventure she is still clearly elegant in this beautiful tan jacket paired with black gloves and the gorgeous leather pants. Beautiful.

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