With One Episode Left, ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Is Raising the Stakes

Star Wars: Resistance, the cartoon that a few months ago I was haranguing for its lackluster storytelling week after week. Every once in a while a good episode would arrive that would have me invested but for the most part, I was pretty bored every week. That narrative has long been lost and now I can truly announce that I love this show.

This week’s episode, No Escape: Part 1, is the beginning of a two-part finale and it was just as riveting as one might expect. Here is its synopsis.

Kaz, Neeku, and Torra try to save their friends as the First Order prepares to demonstrate the power of its superweapon.

The stakes were high, the action was suspenseful, and the episode’s chill-inducing conclusion is a perfect way to head into next week’s finale. As the episode played out I found myself thrilled on so many different levels.

Because I’m writing this review today I’ll share some insight on some of the episode’s greatest moments and how I felt about certain developments in context with the story.


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Wow, ‘Aladdin’ Looks Amazing!!!!!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. The new trailer for Aladdin looks INCREDIBLE!!! I was talking a lot of smack for the past few months but after seeing this full-length trailer I am a believer. Check it out.

I wasn’t convinced about Aladdin thanks to the lackluster teasers but now after watching this, I am truly excited about this film.

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My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Forty

The Truth

Kylo Ren stood in the uppermost room of Darth Vader’s castle, a massive chamber that was devoid of furniture but possessed gigantic glassless windows that revealed the sprawling molten landscape of Mustafar. He gazed out of the window before him, at the rivers of lava that hissed and bubbled, and then he looked down at the crown in his hand.

The dark relic did contain vast amounts of power but as he stared at it he realized why his grandfather had never worn it. Darth Vader had kept it but never used it because of its destructive capabilities. Its power was immense, but its users would eventually fall into madness, consumed by so much darkness there was no chance for help.

Did he want to become that? Consumed by the very hatred that had destroyed him just so he could prove his power to Snoke? With an angry yell, he threw the crown as hard as he could, watching as it tumbled through the air to the molten river hundreds of feet below where he stood.

And then he felt them; Luke and Rey. They had arrived. He turned and hurried out of the room to meet them.

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