My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Forty-One

The Calm Before the Battle

There was a tense quiet in the Zipher clan capital. The city’s residents had been evacuated, leaving only the Xeeter warriors and Resistance to inhabit the would-be base. Patrols on the ground and in the sky roamed casually about the area, preparing for the moment when the First Order’s arrival had been announced.

Commander Dameron stood on the tarmac wearing his orange and white pilot suit with his black helmet tucked under one arm. He gazed upward at the gaseous green sky. He knew he couldn’t see when the First Order’s star destroyers would appear miles above their head but still, he looked.

General Leia Organa joined his side. They didn’t speak. They only stared at the sky together, both of them lost in deep thought. And then finally, Leia spoke.

“Admiral Sterk told me what you did.”

Poe’s jaw clenched but his heart pitter-pattered as he recalled his encounter with Sterk the other night.

“I hope she said good things,” he commented, still looking upward.

“She displayed her concerns with your recklessness but I think she was happy you defied her orders. And I am too.”

Poe smiled. “Well, now I feel better.”

They quieted again. The wind rustling their hair was the only noise.

“It sure is quiet.”

Leia nodded grimly. “Yes, it is.

“This is going to be a big battle, isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes, Poe Dameron, I’m afraid so.”

There was another moment of silence before they heard Admiral Ackbar calling both of their names. They turned, watching him running as fast as his elderly body could take him toward them. Leia’s eyebrows furrowed.

“What is it, Admiral?” she asked.

He stopped before them, breathless.

“General,” he gasped, “the First Order has been sighted. Ten destroyers…are hovering…above the planet.”

Poe’s expression became serious. He was just about to speak when an explosion from above made them jump. He turned to look at the sky and watched as a patrolling X-Wing plummeted from the sky, fire enveloping its surface. Seconds later a dozen TIE fighters roared by, shooting at the unsuspecting X-wings flying through the sky.

Leia pointed at Ackbar. “Get the soldiers into positions and warn the warden.”

“Already have, General,” Ackbar replied.

Leia nodded. “Good.” She looked at Poe Dameron. “Go Poe and get your squadrons up in the air.”

Poe dipped his head. “On it.”

He sprinted across the tarmac, putting on his helmet and heading straight for his X-wing where he knew BB-8 would be waiting for him. The battle for the Resistance’s survival had begun.


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