Thanos May Not Be the Only Villain The Avengers Will Have to Worry About in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

We only have a little over a month before millions of people will flood into the movie theaters to watch the conclusion to the eleven-year, twenty-two film culmination Marvel has delivered us. And while it’s pretty obvious that there won’t be much information provided through the marketing of the film it’s still fun to decipher hidden clues from the various trailers to identify potential storylines.

Of course, there’s the obvious storyline; The Avengers having to defeat Thanos. But is that the true story? Or is there something bigger at work here? I believe that there will be a new threat for The Avengers to contend with in Endgame that’ll give The Avengers an even greater challenge. And I have potential proof of that fact.


As you can see here, in this picture, War Machine and Ant-Man are looking at something. Judging from their stances it isn’t someone on a particularly friendly status. In fact, it looks like they’re about to fight someone. Who could that person be?

It definitely isn’t Thanos for one simple reason. Thanos is huge, meaning their gazes would be facing upward, not forward.

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‘Triple Frontier’ Puts the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Twist On a Military Movie

One of the most recent movies to hit Netflix is Triple Frontier, a film starring big names such as Oscar Isaac and Ben Affleck. At first glance, it looks like a classic drug bust film with military operatives assigned to take down the drug dealers (like Sicario). So, because it seemed interesting, I watched it.

Triple Frontier isn’t a good movie, per se, but I have to say, I watched it all the way through and after a while, I actually couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen.


The first third of the movie was SUPER boring. Oscar Isaac’s character, a man named Santiago Garcia who went by the nickname Pope (yeah, his name was Pope. Take away one letter and his name would be Poe. How brilliant? 😂) recruits a team of ex-military dudes to find the roost of a drug dealer.

Now, through this section of the movie, I was super disinterested because there was not a lot of action, the dialogue was super boring and cliché, and the characters, besides Oscar Isaac’s Pope and Ben Affleck’s Tom ‘Redfly’ Davis, were very uninteresting and rather annoying if I’m being honest.

And then everything changed once I realized that the film wasn’t a classic drug bust like Sicario but instead a heist film. The characters, instead of trying to find a drug dealer, found the drug dealer’s home and stole hundreds of millions of dollars, prepared to go home filthy rich and set for life.

That’s when I actually began to get really interested in the movie and I have to admit, I was riveted. I won’t tell you what happens but if you do intend watching this film you’ll be somewhat pleasantly surprised.

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My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Forty-Nine

The Cloud City

Lando Calrissian stood on the balcony of his quarters, gazing at the city that he had governed for the last twenty years. He sighed through his nose, relishing the peace that was here on this planet.

There were no wars or threats from the Empire. No gloom or despair. The Cloud City had become a haven for those wanting a peaceful life away from the conflict of the galaxy. It was here that he had finally settled down, choosing to govern Bespin and leave the rebellious path behind. In doing this he hadn’t seen his friends in years. But news traveled fast.

There was now a new faction that threatened peace in the galaxy called the First Order. It seemed that Han’s only child, his son named Ben Solo, had joined the First Order. And now, the faction’s might was so powerful that they singlehandedly destroyed the New Republic in one fell swoop, leaving the galaxy in chaos.

Here, on Bespin, such tedious occurrences seemed far away but he knew it wouldn’t be long before trouble came knocking on his doorstep.

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