A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Ant-Man

Ant-Man sounds like the silliest superhero ever right? Well yes, he is a bit goofy, but more importantly, he’s a powerful hero that can kick butt. He is going to be such a welcome help to The Avengers in their fight against Thanos.

But before we watch him turn into Giant Man and stomp on Thanos’s face (lol) let’s take a look at his character posters.



This is Scott Lang’s origin story as the Ant-Man. What I love about this poster is the helmet. Not only does it look great but it feels so superhero-like. I love Ant-Man. He’s so much fun.

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Hawkeye and Black Widow’s Friendship is One of the Best in the MCU

There are over thirty major characters in the MCU, all of them possessing individual storylines and pieces to this puzzle that will end in a 22-movie culmination called Avengers: Endgame. Certain characters have certain friendships that have stood the test of time and two of those heroes have been Black Widow and Hawkeye. Since The Avengers they have had one of the, if not the, tightest bonds in the franchise. They have saved the world numerous times together but more than anything they have always been there to help each other in their darkest moments.

So, ahead of Endgame, let’s look back at their beautiful relationship from The Avengers to now.

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A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Gamora

Gamora was only the second major heroine to make an appearance in the MCU, the other being Black Widow. Like Black Widow, she was an assassin with a dark past. Her ties to Thanos would end up playing a large role in the overall story and her knowledge of the Soul Stone would make her one of the most important characters in Avengers: Infinity War. Unfortunately, because she knew the whereabouts of the Soul Stone she would end up perishing by the hands of her adopted father, bringing her story to a grinding halt, but there is always the possibility that she could return to the living via Endgame. Thankfully we only have a little over a week to find out. 🙂

Here are her character posters. Enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy


In this poster, Gamora looks like a deadly rogue who you would not want to mess with. The crooked smile makes her seem like she could either be a villain or a heroic scallywag. She would, of course, end up being a hero.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Three

Fulfilling the Escape Plan

Rey knew things weren’t going according to plan–she could feel it–so she turned her speeder bike in a nosedive toward the city, evading the blaster fire from the TIEs that screamed by overhead.

She needed to find Ben Solo.

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