A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Spider-Man

There was a time when I wasn’t a Spider-Man fan. This was a character who I felt was very catered to boys and I just didn’t really get connected to. And then after seeing Tom Holland’s rendition of the character in Captain America: Civil War it was obvious, I loved this superhero. He was funny, fun, and he was actually rather cool. Now I can legitimately say I love Spider-Man and I’m very excited to take a closer look at his character posters. Enjoy!

Spider-Man: Homecoming


There were a lot of character posters to choose from with Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Homecoming but I ended up picking this one because it was so fun. We see Spider-Man with Manhattan and the Avengers tower in the background, highlighting that the storyline will remain primarily in New York and Queens. Secondly, we get an idea of Peter Parker’s hilarious personality as he pretends to hold the Avengers tower between his fingers. That also highlights the idea that yes, Peter Parker is indeed a teenager.

This is a really fun poster.

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Who Are You Most Excited to See Face Thanos in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

Avengers: Endgame is coming out in five days (four, if you’re going to see it on Thursday night.) The moment is almost upon us. Eleven years of storytelling will culminate into one epic three-hour long event that is set up to be the blockbuster movie event of the decade. There are so many things to get excited for with this Avengers finale but one of the imminent elements to the film is the showdown between the surviving heroes and the all-mighty antagonist, Thanos.

With so much secrecy surrounding the film, it’s clear that the movie will have some outstanding moments and that’s why I had to make Avengers: Endgame part of this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy!



Rocket has had a dark past. He was genetically mutated into the creature that we see before us but he buries down those sad memories through his humor and his scoundrelly ways. Now, with his best friend, Groot, turned to dust, he is looking for revenge. Thanos better watch out.



Valkyrie has experienced a terrible loss before at the hands of the powerful villainess, Hela and now she has had to deal with the grief of losing those she cares about again via Thanos. When Thanos attacked she managed to escape along with the half of Asgardians who Thanos spared. When she returns to the fight she’s going to give Thanos quite a bit of trouble.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Six

The Revolution

The next day came faster than Rose wanted and when she woke she found herself alone in her room, the covers perfectly covering her. She smiled to herself, for she knew Finn had placed them on her.

She drearily sat up, rubbing her eyes. She immediately grabbed a dark band and loosely tied her hair back, letting stray tufts of hair hanging to the sides of her face. She then put on her Resistance jacket, grabbed her blaster, and left the room.

Through the cavern, she walked until she heard the unmistakable noise of a gathering. It wasn’t soon before she found Finn standing with Ava, a tall dark-skinned woman with long locks held back in a ponytail by a wooden band, and a red-haired man clad in stormtrooper armor.

When Rose saw the stormtrooper her hand instinctively drifted to the blaster at her before she remembered that this soldier of the First Order was on her side. It was still a bit hard getting used to but she would have to.

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