Is ‘Green Book’ Worth Best Picture?

Before I begin this review I have to go back to some recent history. Remember a few years ago when the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag scoured the internet, haranguing The Academy for making The Oscars, well, so white. Since then Hollywood has really begun to change things around, providing more opportunities for people of color and giving actual awards to those who rightfully deserve it of all races. This year’s Oscars was the most progressive yet with a diverse diaspora of movies that were nominated for Best Picture (Black PantherGreen BookRoma, and BlacKkKlansman) and an astonishing array of awards to those of color. There was even history made as Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler became the first African-American women to win Oscars for Best Costume Design and Best Production Design.

That leads me to Green Book. The night of The Oscars was filled with inspiring moments and triumphant victories but then, at the end of the evening, Green Book would end up taking home Best Picture. I was delightfully surprised but as I watched the outpour of rage flowing across the internet (including Spike Lee’s infamous leaving of the room once the film had won top spot) I began to wonder, was the outcry warranted or was the movie actually that good?

Recently I watched BlacKkKlansman which ended up being as good as I imagined. And then last night I watched Green Book which was also how I figured it would be too. But that leads me to the question of this post; Is Green Book worthy of Best Picture? The short answer is no, unfortunately.

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A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Iron Man

Iron Man. It is the film that started it all. The cinematic universe that would go on to making $17 billion! dollars through its twenty-one films so far. Now the end of this fantastic story is upon our doorsteps, meaning the end of Iron Man’s journey has arrived as well. Thirty-one characters in the MCU I have featured in this series over the last four weeks. Dozens of posters I have shared with you all depicting these characters in their most epic light. Now the time has arrived for the final post in this series and who better to end this fantastic ride than the man who began this incredible journey; Iron Man.

So, on that note, here are his amazing character posters.

The Avengers


This was the first time Iron Man had to stop a supervillain’s master plan with a team but he was more than willing to be the hero he needed to be to save the world. The thing that is most interesting about this poster is Iron Man’s armor. It’s so much different than it is now. Wow.

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A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Black Panther

A few years ago I knew nothing about Black Panther. Now I can’t imagine the world without him or the land that he originates from, Wakanda. Losing Black Panther in Infinity War was definitely VERY shocking and…I’m just waiting to see him return. Today on the final day of this series, we look back at his individual character posters since his debut in the MCU. Enjoy!

Captain America: Civil War


T’Challa looks like he’s looking for revenge on this poster. But can you blame him? He loved his father King T’Chaka. To lose him in the way that he did is definitely gutwrenching. I loved that his introduction into the MCU was an extensive one and I can’t wait to see his story continue in the future.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Nine

Returning Home

Rey watched as the blue streaks making up hyperspace focused into distant pinpoints of light as the Millennium Falcon shot out of lightspeed before a beautiful planet made up of white clouds and blue oceans.

She heard footsteps and turned to find Leia, Luke, and Ben entering the cockpit. Leia’s eyes widened with wonder.

“What planet is this?” she asked.

“Carcuun,” Rey said, punching a few buttons on the dashboard. “It’s been the Resistance’s home since last year.”

“Ben knew about it from his days serving the First Order,” Luke told Leia. “He told us that it was a remote planet the First Order would never think of looking to find us.”

Just as he said that they entered the hemisphere of the planet. Through thick white clouds they flew, whiteness surrounding them and barring any view of the planet. And then suddenly, they burst out of the clouds.

Leia gasped as she beheld a sprawling city located in the middle of a roiling ocean with massive spires disappearing into the clouds that twirled about themselves in double-helixes of shimmering crystal.

“Welcome to New Alderaan,” Rey spoke with a warm smile.

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