‘Avengers: Endgame’ After a Second Viewing

So, I just came back from a second viewing of Avengers: Endgame and I have many thoughts. First off, I would like to say it was just as good as the first time I watched it, only this time I knew everything that was going to happen so there weren’t any of the surprise factors. It was actually funnier than the first time I watched the film, which I was very glad to see. One of the reasons why I love Infinity War so much is because it’s a perfect amount of humor, action, emotion, and powerful storytelling at the same time and Endgame manages to do the same.

The only con of watching the film a second time is the movie’s runtime. Avengers: Endgame is the MCU’s longest film at a whopping 3 hours and 2 minutes! The first time I watched the movie those three hours flew by like I was jumping into hyperspace. Today the minutes drug along like a snail.

But one thing I did just like the first time watching the film was cry like a baby. Oh my goodness, once again I could not stop the flow of tears. When this film gets emotional it gets emotional. Wow.

All in all, Avengers: Endgame, like Infinity War, is an amazing movie that is a perfect conclusion to the Infinity Saga. Over the next week, I’ll delve into more of the spoilers of the film but for now, I’ll leave it at this.

After seeing Endgame twice I can say this movie sits at a solid A. It’s not perfect but it is a very good, solid film with plenty of enjoyable moments. If you still haven’t seen it yet I highly advise you to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


Who’s Your Favorite Marvel SuperHero?

It’s the second week of Avengers: Endgame and I, as well as many other people around the world, have gone to see the movie more than once. Avengers: Endgame is a thrilling conclusion to a story eleven years in the making, highlighting all of our favorite characters and giving every viewer something to cheer for. Because Endgame was such a massive success and the ultimate end of an era I wanted to make Endgame the topic for the second week in a row for Who’s Your Favorite? 

I’ve asked you all who your favorite Marvel heroine and hero are before but after Endgame I feel it’s time to hit the refresh button on this topic, this time highlighting all of the superheroes in one post, women, and men. Enjoy!

(This post will contain no spoilers from Avengers: Endgame.)

Doctor Strange


Doctor Stephen Strange wasn’t the exact superhero type. He was obnoxious, self-centered, and egotistical. Those don’t exactly seem like the traits of an Avenger. But after losing the function of his hands in a horrendous car accident he would become one of the greatest heroes in the world.

Captain Marvel


Carol Danvers, the half-Kree-half-human-noble-warrior-hero, is the most powerful Avenger in the MCU. She is the ultimate wrecking ball, as was evident in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame but there’s more to her than simply her impressive power. She is a true hero, striving to do whatever it takes to save those across the galaxy. Among inspiring movie heroines to show young girls she’s definitely high on the list.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty


A male Nautolan by the name of Zazz loads his freighter with supplies on a docking bay in Tordan. The sun is rising on the horizon, bathing the skyscrapers to his left in golden brilliance. The docking bay is surprisingly desolate. Only one other ship occupies the bay and it’s at least 1,000 yards away and apparently vacant.

He turns, prepared to pick up another box, and is frozen in his tracks as he finds himself staring back at nine individuals clad in black from head to toe. Eight of the people hold blasters aimed right at him while the ninth removes their sleek black helmet revealing a man with a bald head and eyebrows so blond they almost seemed invisible.

“Who are you?” the Twi’lek asks. “What do you want?”

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