The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Four

Finding Poe Dameron and Admiral Sterk

The ocean, while beautiful from afar, wasn’t so glorious up close. Poe Dameron struggled against the current as the ocean threw him this way and that. Ahead Admiral Sterk swam as fast as she could, leading them along the coastline. Poe tried to keep up but he began to grow more and more tired. His legs kicked feebly and water started to enter his mouth as he could barely keep himself afloat.

Admiral Sterk noticed him lagging behind and hurriedly joined his side dragging him along with her.

“Don’t give up on me now, Commander Dameron,” she said. “You’re the one who put us in this mess.”

“I’m trying, Admiral,” he replied exhausted. “I’m trying.”

As they continued to swim Poe began to grow weaker and weaker but Sterk refused to give up and die. She pulled him through the water with every bit of strength she could muster and gasped when she saw a strip of sand up ahead on the coastline.

“There’s a beach up ahead,” she told Poe.

He didn’t reply. Sterk’s heart skipped a beat as her anxiety deepened. She slowly but surely swam across the coastline toward the tiny beach that sat at the base of a vast cliff. A minute later, she hit shallow water.

She dragged herself and Poe out of the ocean, eventually collapsing onto the beach with Poe Dameron in her arms. As she gasped for breath and shivered uncontrollably from the cold she stroked his face as he lay unconscious on the beach.

“Poe,” she said. “Poe, talk to me. Poe.”

He didn’t budge but his chest, thankfully, was still moving up and down.

“Don’t you die on me,” she said through gritted teeth. “You hear me! Don’t you dare.”

He still didn’t move. Tears began to well in her eyes and her chin began to tremble with emotion as she gazed at his unconscious form. She looked toward the ocean, gazing sorrowfully at the waves that lapped against the shore.

“Oh please, someone, come. Please.”

She laid across Poe’s chest and wept.

Finn couldn’t believe what had happened. He stood in a dark room with the leaders of the Resistance and John Skywalker, his arms crossed and his jaw clenched with anger. Before them, held captive by special bonds provided by John Skywalker, were six of the assassins who had been tasked by the First Order to kill the leaders of the Resistance. The other three were killed by Luke Skywalker and General Organa.

After hearing the horrific news that there had been an attack on The Resistance Finn and Rose had rushed to make sure their friends were safe. Upon arrival, Rose had immediately learned that BB-8 was in bad health, as droids go, and she had instantly left to go fix the astromech. Soon after Rose left Finn learned that Poe Dameron and Admiral Sterk were missing. Now Finn was furious.

Luke Skywalker stepped toward the captives, a hint of calm menace about him that left Finn chilled to the bone as he said, “Tell me what you know or you will suffer.”

Even Leia seemed a bit surprised, looking at her brother with a cocked eyebrow.

One of the captives spat. “We do not speak to Resistance scum.”

Luke’s expression flared with anger and his hand reached outward. The captive closed his eyes, his temples bulging and his body trembling. And then suddenly he slumped forward, driven unconscious. The other assassins seemed terrified.

‘What did you do to him?” one of the assassins shrieked.

Luke didn’t respond. Instead, he turned to his allies.

“They were tasked by Captain Phasma to kill us,” Luke said. “It seems, however, that Phasma’s had a rise in rank because she’s Supreme Leader now.”

“Supreme Leader?” Leia asked.

Luke nodded.

“What about Poe and Admiral Sterk?” Finn asked. “Did you find out anything about them?”

Luke looked at him gravely. “It seems in trying to escape the assassins they…jumped into the ocean.”

An audible gasp rippled through the room. Finn turned and ran out of the room before anyone could ask him where he was going. He ran as fast as he could and exited the building, pushed past the crowds of Resistance soldiers who amassed outside the building, sprinted toward the pier where there were plenty of transports compatible for riding on the ocean and jumped in the closest vehicle he could find.

A male Lurmen turned to yell something in his native language as he sped off the pier toward the ocean. He didn’t exactly feel good having to steal the speeder but he had to find his friends…if he could.

His jaw clenched. Salty spray misted upon him as he pushed the versatile speeder as fast as he could. His brown eyes scanned the coastline and the waves around him, searching desperately for the sign of anyone. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Only water and the craggy cliffs.

Where could they have jumped? Where could they have jumped? He wracked his brain, trying to remember the city and all of the places you could potentially take a dive into the ocean. And then he remembered one spot Poe had taken him on a simple walk through the city a few months ago. Together he and Poe Dameron had been having a pleasant conversation before finding themselves at the very edge of the island. Poe had commented on how beautiful the ocean was while Finn made sure not to stray too close to the edge.

Without wasting another second he pressed the accelerator on the craft, speeding toward the area he knew would be the safest spot to jump into the ocean. And then, he saw a cove and, with a gasp, two individuals lying upon the sand. It had to be them.

He sped the craft toward the cove and jumped out of the speeder, running through the water as fast as he recognized Admiral Sterk and Poe Dameron’s bodies sprawled upon the sand. Upon reaching them he turned Sterk over onto her side.

Her eyes feebly opened and a small smile came to her face. “Thank goodness you’re here,” she whispered.

And then she fell unconscious.

Finn beheld her and Poe’s soaked forms and he knew they were on the verge of death. Wasting no time he, one at a time, took them onto the speeder before speeding back to the Resistance.

Yes, he had found his friends, but he could only hope he wasn’t too late.


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