My Review of ‘Alpha’

For months I continued to see the incredible trailer for Alpha in the movie theaters and it intrigued me but I didn’t go see it because I figured the movie wasn’t worth the $10 movie ticket. Sure enough, it wasn’t.

Yesterday, my family and I watched the film and I was far from impressed. The story was very basic and predictable. The cinematography was overly beautiful, meaning the film was trying too hard to be epic. The music was too simple. And the movie didn’t land the emotional moments even though it was desperately trying to make people cry.

The best part about Alpha is the relationship between the main protagonist, Keda, and his new best friend, the wolf he named Alpha. As someone who loves man’s best friend, this was a heartwarming element to the film. Other than that, the movie was so boring it literally put me to sleep.

I’m giving this movie 81 out of 100 and 2.5 out of 5 stars. It’s not a terrible movie but unfortunately, I was very underwhelmed.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Seven

Ships in the Sky

Failure. Defeat. Embarrassment. That’s what the First Order had endured at the hands of the Resistance. And Supreme Leader Phasma was determined to change that narrative.

So many eyes were turned to her. Awaiting her leadership with a scrutinizing gaze. She boasted power. The chance to destroy the Resistance once and for all. What if she failed? Then, she would become like every other leader of the First Order; weak and foolish.

She punched the wall beside her, her chrome armored glove forcing a tiny dent in the wall.

No. She would not fail. The Resistance would know defeat. And she would be victorious.

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Which ‘Star Wars’ Movie Do You Like To Watch With Your Mother?

It’s Mother’s Day and that means it’s of course time to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives; our mothers. On a beautiful holiday such as this, it’s fun to watch a good movie with our mothers and so, for this week’s topic of Who’s Your Favorite?, I’m asking you all which Star Wars movie do you enjoy watching with your mother?

1. The Phantom Menace


The Phantom Menace is a fun film filled with adventure. It’s also one of the few Star Wars movies to have a mother as part of the story which is, of course, Shmi. Her encouragement for Anakin is heartwarming and clearly, on Mother’s Day, one of the highlights of the film.

2. Attack of the Clones


Want to watch something a little more romantic with your mother? Pop in Attack of the Clones and you’ll get romance in abundance as this film centers around Anakin and Padme’s infamous love story, mixed with the incredible action scenes, turning this into a good film for any casual viewer.

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