‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Debuts Its Teaser Trailer

I watched Maleficent last year and I thought it was a beautiful movie but it was super boring. But it garnered enough love and good reviews to get a sequel which is set to come out this October. The first trailer dropped today and so, I was totally going to share it with you all. Check it out.

This teaser isn’t exactly bad but it isn’t that great either. It features everyone’s favorite witch, Maleficent, we get to see Michelle Pfeiffer as what is clearly a villain, and it’s relieving to see that the CGI is much better than it used to be.

Does this entice me to watch this movie? Not really. But I may go see it this October if I’m bored. And if you don’t remember, here’s the movie’s poster.


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I’ve Been Nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I’m proud to announce that I have been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award by Ami Tricker whose blog you can find at undercoversuperhero2.home.blog.

Thanks, Ami for choosing my blog as one to highlight for this award. It’s so much fun getting these awards and sharing a little bit about myself in the process through the requirements.

So, on that note, let me answer these eleven questions provided by yours truly; Ami Tricker.

1. Who is your favorite superhero or supervillain and why?


Doctor Strange is definitely, after careful self-deliberation, my favorite superhero of all time. I’ve seen a lot of cool superheroes in my time–Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman–but there’s never been a superhero that I love as much as Doctor Strange. From the awesome outfit and lovable cape to his incredible power and mystical wisdom Doctor Strange puts a smile on my face whenever he’s on the screen.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Nine


Ben Solo didn’t often feel fear but knowing that he would return to one of the darkest worlds in the galaxy was frightening. The last time he had been there…

He shook his head with a sigh, resting back in the passenger seat behind Rey. He could feel Rey’s emotions melding with his as she reached toward him in the Force. He could feel her worry and yet her reassurance. Both of them had struggled with the dark side in the past and now they were traveling to a world enriched with the history of the Sith. What would they face there? What dark forces would they possibly meet? They wouldn’t know until they touched down on the planet.

They emerged out of hyperspace and before them sat the bleak planet of Malachor.

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