Hawkeye Needs to be in the Black Widow Movie

It’s official. Hawkeye and Black Widow have one of my favorite friendships in cinema history. We’ve seen their friendship highlighted before, mainly in The Avengers, but Avengers: Endgame took that storyline and really brought things into perspective through an emotionally impactful conclusion between the two friends. But that’s just the thing. There was an ending to their friendship.

There are major spoilers ahead but if you haven’t seen the film by now you probably weren’t that excited about it to begin with so…

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‘Aladdin’: Am I Excited or Rather Uninvested?

I wish I could say I’m currently bouncing up and down with excitement to see Aladdin but unfortunately, I’m not. I’ve only seen Aladdin once as a child but I used to read this Disney Aladdin book and listen to the songs ALL the time and I LOVED it. When I heard that Disney was making a live-action version of the animated classic I was excited but skeptical.

I can at least say that the movie seems to look faithful to the animated version of the film, excluding Jafar who looks terrible. And yet, with the movie coming out in nine days, I feel only a little excited about seeing the film.

Now don’t get me wrong. I would go see it but it’s not on my must-see list which is a shame. The commercials aren’t enticing me to watch the movie and the first reactions provided by the critics who have seen the film aren’t overly enthusiastic, proving that yes, the movie is enjoyable but it’s nothing worth running to the movie theaters to see.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Thirty

The Root of all Evil

Rey’s body trembled as she gazed at The Whisper. She wasn’t trying to feel weak but the being’s presence was overwhelming. Her lightsaber turned off and she fell to her knees, holding her head as she felt the entity’s powerful touch on her mind.

“Rey?” Ben asked, kneeling beside her.

“Yes,” The Whisper spoke. “You feel my power. The inevitability that you have reached your end.”

Maz unholstered her blaster, pointing it at the woman.

“So it is true,” Maz said. “The legends of old. Tell me. What are you planning?”

“As someone who is the most powerful being in the universe, I will tell you everything because I have waited a millennium for this day.”

Ben ignited his lightsaber with a snarl. “You won’t tell us anything.”

He made to charge the woman but suddenly collapsed to the ground, his lightsaber clattering to the ground. He grunted in pain and Rey reached out to him to comfort but couldn’t as she was frozen in pain as well.

“You will listen to me and then you will die.”

Ben strained but still found himself frozen in place. The Whisper began to casually walk around them as she started to speak.

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