The Ten Best ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ Shorts…So Far

A few months ago I would share with you the newest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures shorts that would debut on the Star Wars Kids channel on Youtube…and then I got slack. I stopped watching the shorts until a few days ago when I decided to binge-watch all of the episodes that I had missed.

Turns out there were about fifteen shorts that I hadn’t seen and many of them were kind of amazing. So, today, I’m here to share with you my ten favorite shorts so far.

10. Leia and Han-The Han Rescue

Who doesn’t love the relationship between Leia and Han? It’s a beautifully told love story that has transcended generations and this short only highlights Leia’s powerful role in this romance. No, she is not treated as a damsel in distress and I LOVE that. Hence, this is one of my favorite Galaxy of Adventure shorts. Continue reading The Ten Best ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ Shorts…So Far

Who’s Your Favorite ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Character?

The Harry Potter movies are some of the most popular films in the world with millions of fans who know the movies (and the books) back and forth. Now J.K Rowling is sharing with us a new story, one that’s set several decades before Harry Potter’s time and those are the Fantastic Beasts movies. Only two have come out so far and neither has risen to the exact mystique and storytelling level that the Harry Potter films achieved with such ease but there is certainly enjoyment one can find with these movies.

I personally like the films because of the characters. They’re engaging and have interesting enough storylines to keep me holding on to the overall story by a thread.

Because I like these characters so much I decided to make them part of this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy! Continue reading Who’s Your Favorite ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Character?

Captain America: Secret War (NINE)

Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter were sitting in the hotel room garnering as much information as they could about the terrorists and the potential motives behind their European raid when the door to the room opened. Jumping to their feet with their guns aimed at the door they were prepared to take down the potential intruder but, to their relief, it was only Steve Rogers. They let their guard down and then was instantly surprised as Natasha Romanoff walked into the room shortly afterward. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (NINE)

Movie Review Flashback: A Spoiler- Free Review of ‘The Fate of the Furious’

Ahead of the highly-anticipated Fast and Furious spinoff, Hobbs and Shaw starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham (which is set to come out August 2) here’s a look back at my review of the first Fast and Furious film that I actually legitimately like. Enjoy!

First of all, I am not a Fast and the Furious fan, not in the slightest. The only one I have ever remotely seen to a certain extent was Furious 7 on HBO and I didn’t like it at all. The action was cheesy, the story was awfully cliche, I mean, I could literally figure out what was going to happen before it happened. So, in the middle of the night in 2017, I happened to be bored and hungry for a new movie. So my dad and I decided to watch The Fate of the Furious simply because we had heard a lot of great things about it and I wanted to see if it was as good as people said it was.

So, through the first thirty minutes or so I was watching the movie thinking that Furious 8 was like every other Furious film and would eventually get really stale and cheesy. And then, as the movie kept progressing it started getting better and better and better until I couldn’t tear my eyeballs from the screen, that’s how surprisingly good it was. Continue reading Movie Review Flashback: A Spoiler- Free Review of ‘The Fate of the Furious’

I Can’t Stop Talking About ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

I’ve seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse five times now (I finished it for the fifth time last night) and even though I’ve seen the movie for that many viewings I just can’t get over how good and creatively inventive this movie is. The trick to Into the Spider-Verse isn’t the story, the story is actually rather basic, nor is it the music which, while it is good, I don’t find myself wanting to put the soundtrack on my Spotify. There’s something else to this film that has me going back for more and that is the absolutely stunning animation.


The movie melds at least a half dozen genres in one movie and it is mind-blowing. From being uncannily realistic looking at times to appearing like a strip right out of a comic book and even having the cartoony look of a Looney Tunes cartoon mixed with manga animation plus some truly psychedelic visuals can leave one’s brain scrambled in sheer awe. Continue reading I Can’t Stop Talking About ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’