‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Gets Its First Poster

As you may or may not know, the highly-anticipated sequel to Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1984, was originally set to come out this June but was pushed to next year. While we may not be able to see Diana Prince return to fight the bad guys and inspire the world with her awesomeness it seems that Patty Jenkins is getting us warmed up for this superhero sequel with a surprise poster featuring the film. Check it out.


There’s no doubt that it’s pretty cool looking. The film, of course, is set in the 80s’ and it seems that DC Comics is making sure that’s apparent through the marketing for the movie. Wonder Woman looks absolutely fantastic in her suit of armor…but (and there’s always a but with DC Comics) why is her armor different?

As you can see on this poster her suit of armor looks much different than in the previous DC Comics movies. See here.


See, completely different than what you see in the poster above? It shows that DC Comics is truly trying to reboot the franchise by practically ignoring the previous movies. This is a new Wonder Woman and she’s here to be the warrior we need to save the day. I’m pumped.

Does this surprise poster reveal mean we may see a teaser for Wonder Woman 1984 soon? I sure hope so.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.

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