The Loki Disney+ Series Could Be Set in the 70s’

It seems like everywhere you look Disney is staring right back at you, whether we know it or not. Their hands touch nearly major company you can think of and now Disney is testing the waters of the infamous streaming service.

Starting this fall Disney will dominate millions of televisions and computers as it introduces its streaming service, Disney+. Not only will this streaming service have movies and shows from all of its networks to enjoy but, like Netflix, Hulu, etc, it will contain original content to occupy our eyeballs for as long as the streaming service exists.

It’s already been announced that we can expect many, many original series from Disney’s two biggest franchises; Marvel and Star Wars. One such Marvel series that has been announced and has a lot of people intrigued will focus on the currently deceased (not deceased?) Loki. Over the years he has become a fan favorite for his lovable personality and his ascension from villain to hero.

While news about this series has been remarkably slim, as expected, leaks have begun to surface and it seems that the Loki series may feature the character in a timeline we haven’t seen highlighted before in a major way; the 70s’. Continue reading The Loki Disney+ Series Could Be Set in the 70s’