Throwback Friday: Should There Be An All-Female Avengers Movie and Who Should Be In It?

Over the years there has been a fascinating increase of female superheroes in the MCU. There has been such a rise of awesome heroines in this franchise in fact that Tessa Thompson, who plays the role of Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, said that there should be an all-female Avengers movie. A group of actresses even went as far as to approach the top people in Marvel about the idea. And now, after that incredible scene in Avengers: Endgame featuring every (alive) heroine the thought of an Avengers movie featuring only women doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all. So, should there be an Avengers movie that highlights our favorite heroic heroines? Um…yeah!

We’ve seen progress in how women are portrayed in superhero movies. Wonder Woman got her first solo film in 2017 which featured not only the first female superhero to get her own movie but it had a female director at the helm as well. It ended up making just a little north of $800 million, proving that women could drive people to the movie theaters. Ant-Man and the Wasp wouldn’t collect as much money as Wonder Woman but it garnered highly positive reviews, many citing Wasp as a fantastic co-lead to Paul Rudd’s humorous Ant-Man. And Captain Marvel proved that Wonder Woman‘s success wasn’t a fluke as it made over a billion dollars at the box-office this spring.

Why shouldn’t Marvel take things to the next level by introducing a movie featuring a group of heroes that consists of only women. We saw what that could look like in Avengers: Endgame and it was legitimately awesome. But who should be a part of this heroic team? Well, that’s what I’m here to share with you. Enjoy!

1. Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel is clearly one of the most important (and powerful) Marvel characters so there’s no doubt she should definitely be one of the leaders of this female Avengers group.

2. Valkyrie


Valkyrie would basically play the Thor role of this team. She’s Asgardian, she’s an amazing fighter, and she’s pretty darn awesome too. The only thing that may hinder her role on this team is her duties as King of Asgard but beyond that, she would be a great member of the female-Avengers.

3. Wasp


Wasp has proven that she can handle herself in a fight. With her shrinking abilities she would be a needed asset to the team.

4. She-Hulk


She-Hulk may not be a part of the MCU yet but she is destined to arrive sooner rather than later. Her strength would play a great part in fighting whatever bad guys would be bold enough to stand against the female-Avengers.

5. Shuri


Shuri’s young but she’s incredibly smart and innovative too. Like Tony Stark she can create machines and weapons that’ll turn her into one of most powerful people in the world and would make her a vital member of the team.

6. Ms. Marvel


Kevin Feige has already said that he intends to bring Ms. Marvel to the MCU within the next few years which is a super exciting thought. Ms. Marvel is one of Marvel Comics’ most recent characters and she has acquired quite a fanbase with her arrival. She’s the first Muslim superhero to have her own comic and her powers–elongating and enlargening her limbs–could prove very useful in a confrontation. Let’s see this happen.

7. Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch is a beast. Her powers are so incredible and her awesomeness is stupendous. All she needs is a greater outfit with less boobage like her fellow heroines and she will be 100% perfect.

8. Nebula


Nebula may not be the most sociable character in the MCU but her fighting skills are where it’s at. She will be a great member of the team.

These are the heroes that I think would make an awesome all-female Avengers roster. I didn’t place Gamora on this list because I’m not sure where she stands in the MCU as of now. Last time I wrote this post Black Widow was still alive so she was a part of the list. Now she’s dead. *wince*

I would have totally added Storm to this list as well but until Kevin Feige officially announces that he’s going to bring these X-Men characters to the MCU her involvement in the franchise is just a dream.

What other heroines do you think should be in an all-female Avengers team? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Friday: Should There Be An All-Female Avengers Movie and Who Should Be In It?”

  1. Honestly? I don’t think it would work. I’m sure many would say they were just doing it to say here’s you all female super hero flick.

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    1. To be honest, that’s true. It would feel like a slap to the face to all of the male Avengers. I mean, what would they be doing? Would they conveniently be captured by a powerful villain that the female superheroes need to defeat? The idea is great but the backlash would be HARSH, indeed.

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      1. I could see a movie with 2-3, but once you start going beyond that it would start falling apart. Who would be the primary lead Captain Marvel? I think it would fall apart with everyone wanting a more prominent role.

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      2. It’s great to have a prominent female presence in these Avengers movies like ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’ but if you start removing the male characters then it starts getting kind of dicey.

        I don’t think the actresses would mind Captain Marvel being the lead if it pertains to the story.

        And yet, isn’t this interesting how society has trained us to feel squeamish when women are in power? When we see five men and one woman in an Avengers movie (The Avengers) we don’t complain. But if it’s five women and one man then the internet will implode.

        So, Marvel, defy the status quo and give us a film where women rule and men are viewed as the co-stars, like movies have done to us for decades!

        Just saying…

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