An Update Worthy for ‘The Lion King’

When a really good movie that I’m legitimately excited for comes out I always like to share updates with you about the movie, like the new trailers, exciting photos, and posters. With The Lion King, I’ve been a little slack on the updates, if I’m being honest, so now I’m giving you the motherload of updates.

(Just to let you know, there’s going to be a LOT of posters. 😁)

The Character Posters


Hello Zazu!


Rafiki isn’t a character seen throughout The Lion King but his scenes are very impactful. You want to talk about chill bumps? I get so many chill bumps whenever he’s on the screen, specifically when he’s helping Simba remember who he was as the future king.


Oh my goodness, doesn’t Timon look cute? This is poster is hilarious in and of itself.


When these character posters first came out people were freaking out on Twitter seeing Pumbaa’s character poster. I guess they forgot that Pumbaa’s a warthog. Lol.


Oh, doesn’t she look cute?


Simba looks cute as well but he’s definitely material for a future king.


Simba’s mother has always been one of my favorite characters in The Lion King because she has such a warming presence. She makes you feel safe when you hear her voice and I’m very excited to see her in this live-action remake.


I’m very relieved that James Earl Jones has returned to reprise his role as Mufasa because I don’t think anyone could replace him. The reason why we cry whenever Mufasa dies is because he generates that warm, fuzzy feeling that only someone truly comforting can give. Mufasa is that encouraging stability that turns Simba into a more than just a good king. He’s a great king!


Beyoncé is Nala? Just the thought is amazing. I already know she’s going to be great as Nala.


Chiwetel Eijofor is Scar. I am a bit bummed that isn’t Jeremy Irons because he did such an amazing job but I believe Chiwetel Eijofor will do a marvelous job. I’m particularly interested in seeing him sing “Be Prepared.” That’ll be interesting.


Heck yeah, Donald Glover is Simba. The man can sing! Oh man, as I look at these posters I’m getting more and more excited!


I only have one word to describe this poster; beautiful.


Hakuna matata!


The best way to see a movie. I’m so freaking excited!


Ah…I’m so in love with this poster.

And if all of those posters weren’t enough to get you excited maybe this tv spot featuring Donald Glover and Beyoncé singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” will. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to hear this beautiful duet in the movies again. It’s going to be AMAZING!

Tickets are available for purchase now.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.


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