5 Movies To Watch this Independence Day

It’s the day before our beautiful country’s official birthday, the 4th of July, and on a celebratory holiday like this, it’s nice to sit back, relax, eat some delicious grilled delights, and watch a movie. But what movie is best to watch with the family on such a glorious summer holiday? Well, here are five films that I think are great Independence Day movies. Enjoy!

Independence Day


Well, this is a duh moment. Independence Day is a 90s’ classic starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in a science-fiction action-packed blockbuster that has stood the test of time. If you’re coming in from the sweltering summer heat to watch a fun movie with the family this is one to turn on.

Daddy’s Home


It’s always fun to laugh and what isn’t better to laugh at than two fathers acting like a fool for supremacy? Daddy’s Home is one of those films that is great for the whole family and is perfect for summertime.

The Avengers


If you want to watch something heroic and suitable for the whole family The Avengers will satiate those needs. It’s entertaining for young and old and its heroes are worth cheering for.

Forrest Gump


Talk about iconic! Forrest Gump is as iconic as they come. It’s my personal favorite Tom Hanks movie and it truly is a remarkable feat of impactful storytelling. While some themes may be a tad bit adult for younger children this is a film that older children and their parents can watch with ease. Just be sure to have plenty of tissues ready. This movie will make you cry your eyes out more than once.

Rocky (or any Rocky movie)


Set in Philadelphia, home of our country’s independence, Rocky tells the inspiring tale of a young boxer making his way in the world. Putting on Sylvester Stallone on the icon charts, this film is one to watch on a holiday that celebrates our beautiful country.

So these are the five films I think are perfect for such a day as Independence Day.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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