Throwback Friday: These Are the X-Men Characters I Want To See in the MCU

With the MCU moving to new horizons for Phase 4 and Disney acquiring Fox it’s inevitable that we’ll see the X-Men in the near future. In fact, technically the X-Men have already graced their presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s role in the franchise. How the X-Men will join the fray and which new actors will play these iconic characters is still a mystery but it’s an exciting mystery nonetheless.

And that’s why today, for this Throwback Friday post, I’m sharing with you all of the X-Men characters I’m most excited to see make their presence known in the MCU. Enjoy!



I didn’t realize how cool Magneto was until my most recent viewing of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was then that I realized how awesome this character actually was. I think Magneto would be such an epic character in an MCU setting and I’m hoping Kevin Feige is thinking the same as me. Continue reading Throwback Friday: These Are the X-Men Characters I Want To See in the MCU

Captain America: Secret War (FOURTEEN)

Nick Fury and Agent Hill led the assembled Avengers through the house and into another room located on the second floor. It was a darker room filled with closets that slid open with the press of a button on the wall. Fury walked over to one such closet and tapped the wall.

Immediately the wall slid outward revealing a closet full of superhero suits. The Avengers’ jaws dropped. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (FOURTEEN)