Why ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Is Amazing: The Mystical Creatures and Lands

In my first and second part of this series, I talked about the beautiful environments utilized to help make The Lord of the Rings an incredible cinematic experience as well as the stellar cast that brought each and every character to life. While these are two very important elements to the unparalleled mystique of these movies there is yet another reason why I continue to watch these films in sheer awe.

Growing up, I have always been a fan of fictional fantasy. There was something so imaginatively awe-inducing in the thought of dragons and elves, strange creatures and magical fairies, terrifying orcs and greedy goblins. The Lord of the Rings took these creatures from fantasy and brought them to life in a way that still hasn’t been properly duplicated on the big screen.

Whether we’re talking about the mystifying elves and their jaw-dropping cities or the evil Nazgul that inject a legitimate sense of fear into the viewers’ heart, this movie not only tells an epic story but also gives justice to the otherworldly things within the world of Middle-Earth that could’ve EASILY looked and felt super cornballs but surprisingly didn’t. So, on that note, here’s a closer look at this element of the groundbreaking trilogy. Continue reading Why ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Is Amazing: The Mystical Creatures and Lands

My Sister Draws a Stunning Piece of Art Inspired by Live-Action ‘Mulan’

Yesterday a teaser trailer for the live-action remake of Mulan was released and it was met with instant recognition. There was joy, there was outrage, but most importantly, there was definite intrigue about the next remake of a Disney classic.

Inspired by the trailer yesterday my sister drew a lovely piece of art celebrating the highly-anticipated movie. Here it is.

Isn’t that beautiful?

When I saw this yesterday it’s safe to say that my jaw dropped to the floor. The bold red is captivating, the swoosh of color flows so smoothly. It almost feels as if the red represents the bloody reality of the war that Mulan will have to face and yet she stands solid in this time of battle ready for whatever may come.

I love it! In fact, I love it so much that I had to share it with you. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magnificent day.

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Gets An Official Trailer

Maleficent, which came out five years ago, was announced to have a sequel which is set to come out this October. The film’s teaser arrived a couple of months ago and now ahead of The Lion King the newest trailer is here to enjoy. Check it out.

If you don’t remember from the first film Maleficent was a kind fairy who fell in love with a human. This human would end up becoming king, betraying her, and finally, instead of killing her, cut off her wings.

The horrible deed Maleficent made her vengeful and she thought she would never grow to love again, that is until she met Aurora, the princess she cursed to fall asleep on her sixteenth birthday.

She would end up taking care of Aurora like a daughter and loving her as a mother. Fast forward to this film and Aurora is grown up and ready to get married. Maleficent’s view of love has been twisted by her one love’s betrayal but she tries to go along with the ride. And as obvious from the trailer, things don’t go as planned.

Evil it seems she has become but there is always a greater threat and I’m pretty sure Michelle Pfeiffer’s character has some serious darkness hidden behind that benevolent veil.

The most exciting thing about this trailer, however, isn’t anything from the trailer itself but rather the fact that sometime next year we will see Angelina Jolie as a superhero in the upcoming Marvel film, Eternals, and I can’t wait. She’s going to be so cool! Continue reading ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Gets An Official Trailer