What’s Your Favorite Moment from the Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic-Con?

It’s the final day of San Diego Comic-Con but for Marvel fans the big day was yesterday. As you may have read in my recap of the Marvel Studios panel last night featuring what we can look forward to in the franchise in the coming years the MCU clearly has a lot in store for us entertainment-wise. From a new Thor movie destined to bring plenty of laughs and more powerful female characters into the fold to the announcement of Mahershala Ali playing Blade, this exhibition was undoubtedly a raucous place. I’m still buzzing with excitement over all of the news and that’s why I figured it had to be the topic for today’s Who’s Your Favorite? 

Once again, here’s a reminder of the surprises of the night.

1. Black Widow


Black Widow is the next Marvel movie to look forward to and it’s become pretty clear, the movie is going to be awesome. With footage displaying gritty action scenes that, according to those who saw it, feel like a crossover between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Mission: Impossible, Scarlet Johannson is going to prove to everyone why she’s actually the coolest Original Avenger. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Moment from the Marvel Panel at San Diego Comic-Con?

Recapping the Incredible Marvel Studios Hall H Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Waking up this Sunday morning my head is still throbbing with a slight headache from all of the exciting news last night from Marvel Studios. It was said there was going to be a panel depicting what’s next for Phase 4 of the MCU, I knew there was going to be some information about the upcoming Black Widow movie and Eternals film but…I was not expecting what would transpire next.

Today, I’m recapping the mind-blowing event last night. You may have been like me, refreshing the Twitter and following along with the live tweets and updates on the websites. If not, prepare for your mind to be blown! Enjoy.

The First Eleven Years


The panel began with a giant montage celebrating the first eleven years of the MCU. Avengers: Endgame spearheaded the end of the montage with Thanos saying, “I am inevitable” followed by Tony Stark’s already-iconic response, “And I am Iron Man.” A few more clips of Endgame were shown before the logo for the first three phases of the MCU was released, which you can see in the picture above. The Infinity Saga. Isn’t it beautiful?

After that, the real news commenced. Continue reading Recapping the Incredible Marvel Studios Hall H Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY)

Natasha Romanoff was getting tired of bad things happening. First, The Avengers had been put on probation after the government told them to take a break once determining that they were causing more harm than good. Second, not all of The Avengers were on the same page, leading to an imminent showdown that left some people in serious trouble while others administered their wounds. Third, Colonel Rhodes had almost gotten killed and yet Tony Stark hadn’t immediately shut down the Sokovia Accords. It was at that moment that she realized she was on the wrong side and left, choosing to be a criminal in a harsh world. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY)