Some Outstanding Fan Art for ‘The Mandalorian’

To say I’m excited for The Mandalorian is an understatement and the same thing can be said about my sister. We cannot wait to see this story and my sister has drawn a lovely piece of art to express her excitement about the series. Here it is.


Um, The Mandalorian is a really cool character and this piece of art highlights that immensely.

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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Is a Massive Disappointment

One of the movies I was most excited to see but ended up missing this year was Alita: Battle Angel. For a couple of years now I have been seeing the teaser trailers and they have all excited me to the point where this was one of those films I really, really wanted to see. And to hear that James Cameron, the man behind genius cinematic creations like the first two Terminator movies and Avatar, was helping bring this story to life I had to check it out. Unfortunately, the film turned out to be way lamer than I expected.


When thinking about a movie that compares to Alita: Battle Angel I immediately am drawn to Ready Player One. Steven Spielberg, like James Cameron, is a master filmmaker and this was an interesting science-fiction story adapted from a popular YA novel to bring to the big screen. Unlike Alita: Battle Angel though, Ready Player One wasn’t disappointing.

Like Alita: Battle Angel it follows the story of a young hero trying to make his way in a near-apocalyptic future to take down a great evil. There’s romance, there are fantastic action scenes designed to make you say “Wow”  when you see it in IMAX, and the characters are just lovable enough for you to get invested in the story.

To be honest, the only reason why I finished Alita: Battle Angel is to write this review. Continue reading ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Is a Massive Disappointment

Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-SIX)

Sam, Natasha, Wanda, and Vision rushed into the room where they would find Sam’s much needed Falcon exo-suit. The room, designed to be a meeting room for those in Parliament, had become a treasure trove of stolen items that Dr. Frost and her goons had acquired. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (THIRTY-SIX)