I Think I’ve Discovered An Infinity Stone Connection

Joe and Anthony Russo helped answer a lot of questions that people had about Avengers: Endgame but one thing they never cleared up was a particularly strange moment that happened toward the end of Infinity War. Let me explain.


After Thanos does the Infinity Snap, hence wiping out half of all life, he goes to this otherworldly realm where he sees his daughter Gamora at the same age she was when he first met her. Gamora asks him a simple question.

“Did you do it?”

He responds sadly, knowing that his mission was only successful because he killed her, “Yes.”

Gamora seems on the verge of tears, not upset because he killed her but instead it seems she’s disappointed. Disappointed in the idea that he would be willing to sacrifice something he loved so dearly to do so much harm.

This sequence has always intrigued me because it felt like there was a deeper meaning to that scene and yet Endgame didn’t help elaborate on that scene, nor did the Russo Brothers. And yet, I think I’ve found at least a piece of the answer to this strange scene. Continue reading I Think I’ve Discovered An Infinity Stone Connection

Throwback Friday: Who Are You Most Excited to See Face Thanos in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

When I last wrote this post, Avengers: Endgame was coming out in five days (four, if you count seeing it on Thursday night.) Now, looking back, it’s hilarious to see how off I was about some of the confrontations and how right I was about some of the other showdowns. So, for this week’s Throwback Friday, I thought this would be the perfect post to revisit. Enjoy!

The moment is almost upon us. Eleven years of storytelling will culminate into one epic three-hour-long event that is set up to be the blockbuster movie event of the decade (it obviously was considering that it’s now the highest-grossing film of all time.) There are so many things to get excited for with this Avengers finale but one of the imminent elements to the film is the showdown between the surviving heroes and the all-mighty antagonist, Thanos.

With so much secrecy surrounding the film, it’s clear that the movie will have some outstanding moments. So, on that note, here are the potential showdowns to get excited for.



Rocket has had a dark past. He was genetically mutated into the creature that we see before us but he buries down those sad memories through his humor and his scoundrelly ways. Now, with his best friend, Groot, turned to dust, he is looking for revenge. Thanos better watch out. Continue reading Throwback Friday: Who Are You Most Excited to See Face Thanos in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

My Review of ‘Star Wars: Before the Awakening’: Part 3

Today reaches the conclusion of my three-part review for Before the Awakening, a book focusing on the sequel trilogy’s three most important heroes; Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron months, years, and days before The Force Awakens. Because each story was so fantastic I had to break this review up to give an adequate analysis of each section and unfortunately, the final part was the most boring.

Of course, you must be wondering why and that is why it is my job to inform you why I’m having these emotions when for the past two days I have written nothing but praise for the book.

The answer is simple; it was boring.

(SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD!) Continue reading My Review of ‘Star Wars: Before the Awakening’: Part 3