All the Ways ‘Solo’ Has Impacted the Way I See ‘Star Wars’

After watching Solo: A Star Wars Story nearly my entire view surrounding Han Solo and Chewbacca’s stories has changed, as this standalone film has filled in gaps I didn’t even know I wanted to be answered and provided me tantalizing ideas for the future of Star Wars as well. So, with no further delay, let me relay to you all of the ways Solo has changed the way I look at these movies. Enjoy!

How Han Got His Name


Oh my goodness, undoubtedly one of the coolest moments in Solo for me was learning how Han got his iconic name, Han Solo. I always figured that the name was probably made up because the idea of someone having the name Solo didn’t exactly quantify as a legitimate last name to me. I thought that maybe Han called himself that after realizing that he didn’t have any friends, except for Chewbacca, but to learn that an Imperial recruiter provided him the title, Han Solo, is simply one of the coolest things that have ever happened in Star Wars. It was definitely much cooler than when Emperor Palpatine named Anakin “Darth Vader”.

 Han’s Lucky Dice

Han Solo's dice

Who knew a simple pair of golden dice would become so important to Star Wars in the last couple of years but it truly has and now, seeing these dice, I feel a pang of sadness because of what they represent. In Han’s younger days the dice meant good luck and for the most part that strange sense of luck he always managed to have during his adventures could be contributed to those magical dice.

And then the dice extends beyond his life and into the complex story of The Last Jedi where we see them, given from Luke Skywalker to Leia, as a sign of that continuing hope and then later disappearing away into nothingness in Kylo Ren’s hands. For Leia, the dice’s symbol of luck won out and the last of the Resistance, by luck, managed to escape. And then for Kylo Ren, on the other hand, the dice symbolize that he just might be the unluckiest guy in the galaxy. I love the way Star Wars is slowly connecting the dots and enhancing these films by utilizing simple things like a pair of dice.

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The Second Teaser Poster for QI’RA Is Here!

A few days ago I released the first teaser poster for my upcoming Qi’ra fanfiction is here and I’m very excited for you to see it. Here it is.


One of the things I was most excited to see in a continuation of Qi’ra’s story was her interactions with Darth Maul. And so, of course, I wanted to bring that element to this story I’m creating.

This poster conveys the clear fact that Qi’ra is not scared of Darth Maul. She is defiant and she is, in nearly every sense his equal, and she’s going to make sure she lets him know that simple fact.

He has appointed her to become a leader in Crimson Dawn, but he may regret making that choice…

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.