Padme’s Ten Best Looks

There are a lot of beautiful and imaginatively inventive outfits that are made for characters in cinema. Star Wars is a field day of unique but practical looking clothing that gives each character their own identity and Padme’s clothing, throughout the prequel trilogy, was stunning, to say the least.

As a child, my sister and I would discuss which outfits were more beautiful and marvel at the gorgeousness of Padme’s dresses. Even now, I still find myself staring at Padme’s wardrobe in sheer awe. No Star Wars character has come close to having a ravishing clothing collection as beautiful as hers. But not only were the clothes but the hairstyles and accessories paired with each dress or jumpsuit were just as impressive.

Today I would like to share with you my ten favorite looks from Padme Amidala. Enjoy!


10. Wedding Dress


When Padme Amidala got married it was pretty much a big deal and she was going to make sure she looked more beautiful than the very environment surrounding her. This dress flatters her beautifully and the hairstyle is just as magnificent.


And from far away it’s even more spectacular, flowing so perfectly with the lovely head covering melding with the dress. This dress makes me wonder what Leia’s wedding dress looked like.

9. Beautiful Dark Blue Cloak


When we see Senator Amidala for the first time in Revenge of the Sith she is expectedly stunning in this outstanding dark dress hidden beneath this exquisite dark blue velvet cloak. There’s a muted power to this design as well as a motherly feel. You can almost envision what it would’ve been like to see her, dressed in this way, with young Leia and Luke at her side.


And then you have the beautiful dangling earrings and the cinnamon bun hairstyle which has always fascinated me since I was a little girl because of its obvious connection to Leia’s cinnamon bun look in A New Hope.

Honestly, those earrings are so pretty I wish I had a pair. 😁

8. The Powerful Grey Dress


Queen Amidala’s getups were extravagant but there was a sternness to each outfit she wore that oozed authority. I love this scene because of the power she holds in her appearance. Senator Palpatine, clothed in black, speaks to her about the state of the Republic and their view on Naboo’s situation and as she watches him, regal in her grey robes and dazzling headdress, there’s no doubt that she’s the most powerful person in the room.

7. Classic Red Dress


So perfect, so illustrious, so powerful, Queen Amidala demands your attention in this fascinating getup. And the hair making a perfect halo around her head, incredible.

6. The Flirty Picnic Dress


What does Padme wear to a picnic? This gorgeous flirty dress that looks like the very flowers surrounding her in the field was destined to make Anakin’s heart pitter-patter. And the headdress, worn like a casual tiara, makes her look like a princess. Beautiful!

5. An Outfit Fit for a Warrior Queen

Padme 14

At fourteen Padme Amidala wasn’t just a powerful queen who talked smack to chancellors and didn’t abide by her elderly senator’s wishes. She was also a fighter who was willing to run into battle to save her planet. Elegant and still holding an air of regality, Queen Amidala proved that you can kick butt and look beautiful doing it too.

4. The Rainbow Dress


I mean come on! This dress wasn’t only incredibly beautiful (and flirtatious) with the low backline but it was also the gorgeous color of the rainbow. She was practically asking Anakin to kiss her.


And don’t forget the blue ribbons in her hair to round out the beautiful outfit. Yeah, she was definitely taunting Anakin to give her a little smoochy-smooch.

3. The Celebration Dress


Throughout The Phantom Menace, we see Queen Amidala in several regal, powerful getups that show little skin but for the fantastic celebration highlighting Naboo’s liberation from the Trade Federation Queen Amidala wears an outfit that’s a little more revealing and designed for having a good time.

She still, however, carries an air of power with the flamboyant cape that looks like feathers with the sort of peacock fan in the back.


And up close she looks even more beautiful with the dazzling tiara and her hair worn in four beautiful buns that truly bedazzles the sense. Ever since I was little, this outfit has wowed me.

2. The Geonosis Outfit


Because Padme’s wardrobe in Attack of the Clones was more flirty due to the fact that this was the movie where she would end up falling in love with Anakin her active-wear outfit isn’t as flowy as in The Phantom Menace or as matronly as in Revenge of the Sith. Instead, it’s a tight white jumpsuit (which is an immediate homage to Leia’s look in The Empire Strikes Back) with the thick white cloak giving her an air of grace to remind people that she is, indeed, a senator.


And then later on in the movie, we have the torn version of the jumpsuit which looks even better, in my opinion. It asserts the idea that she’s a tough cookie and I love it!

1. The Tatooine Dress


Omg, I love this dress so freaking much. Purple is my favorite color but my very close second favorite color is this type of pale turquoise blue and this dress is amazing in that color. It’s flowy and elegant with a hint of flirtatiousness with the stomach reveal.


The back resembles a cape/cloak feel with the beautiful designs giving a splash of flair to the already GORGEOUS dress.


And to round off the ridiculously beautiful outfit is this fabulous headdress that only makes the outfit that much more captivating.

I’m telling you, Padme has the greatest movie wardrobe of all time. Attack of the Clones should’ve been nominated and won for Best Costume Design because her wardrobe alone is enough to garner such a deserved honor of recognition. And don’t forget, this is only ten of her outfits! Throughout her involvement in the trilogy, she has had about thirty different looks.

Basically, every scene that she has graced she has had a different outfit. It’s incredible!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d like to give some honorable mentions to the SUPER flirty leather dress with the fur wrap, the golden travel dress, her blue nightgown in Revenge of the Sith, and even her funeral look was amazing. *wince*

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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