The Cast of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Drops Some Fascinating Tidbits About the Movie

Yesterday after the shocking The Rise of Skywalker panel, Variety caught up with the cast of the highly-anticipated Star Wars film and we learned some rather interesting tidbits about the movie. And so, of course, I had to share the juicy details with you. Enjoy!

It’s Official. Jannah Has a Bow and Arrow


In the thrilling Vanity Fair issue for The Rise of Skywalker we got to get a better look at the newcomer Jannah riding into battle on a pair of Orbaks wielding what is a bow and arrow, or as Naomi Ackie calls it, “a space bow and arrow.” It’s surely going to be an incredible sight to see.

She also confirmed that her character is a hero who has been training all of her life for the fight that has arrived via the First Order. So exciting!

What’s Up With Rose and Finn?


We all remember this gasp-inducing moment when Rose snuck a kiss on Finn at the Battle of Crait after practically telling the ex-stormtrooper that she loved him. Many fans are wanting to know what happens next in their relationship and of course, Variety had to get in on the juicy details.

While Kelly Marie Tran couldn’t say anything she did promise some plenty of relationships between these characters in this movie, whatever those relationships may be. Gosh, I’m excited.

Daisy Ridley Is Excited to Explore Elements of the Light in the Dark in Rey


Rey has always walked a tight rope between the light and the dark throughout her involvement in the trilogy so far and it seems that J.J Abrams is taking that darkness in her to the potential next level in this upcoming Skywalker finale.

Daisy Ridley is excited that we’ll get to see this evolution in her journey.

John Boyega Hints That Finn Will Play an Integral Role in Rey’s Story


Finn and Rey’s journey began together, both growing up as abandoned children who had to make their way in the world and then finding friendship in each other. Knowing that Finn will play a huge role in Rey’s story is not only exciting but heartwarming. I can’t wait to see this movie!

Oh My God! Poe Dameron Had an Old Flame


Fans couldn’t stop gawking at this incredible picture revealed during the Vanity Fair spread about newcomer Zorri Bliss, a mysterious character that’s just now entering the story. Many began to wonder just who this awesome looking smuggler, or bounty hunter, was and some instinctively began to create their own theories. But I’m sure all of those theories were debunked when Keri Russel revealed that her character is related to Poe’s past in a “very intimate and familiar way.”

Yes, she just said it. Zorri Bliss is an old girlfriend of Poe’s. Omg! This was some of my favorite news of the weekend.


As someone who has delved into a great deal of Poe’s past through comic books and novels an element that was also missing was the romantic aspect. I mean, where were the past lady friends? There was no way he didn’t have any. Not with that face!

So, J.J Abrams created this character, for fans like me, who want to learn more about Poe’s past before he was a Commander of the Resistance or even the New Republic for that matter and that past has arrived via Zorri Bliss.

She’s that character that makes Poe’s friends say, “What? You know this lady?”

I can’t wait to explore this relationship in full in The Rise of Skywalker.

So this was the best information that I was able to glean from the cast at D23 Expo. Want to see more interviews featuring the stars of all of the big upcoming Disney projects? Go to the link here.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a glorious day. May the Force be with you.

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