What’s Your Favorite Qi’ra Look?

Qi’ra is one of the most fashionable characters in the recent Star Wars films, making her the perfect second character for this series. Enjoy!

The Correlia Outfit


Qi’ra appears in Solo: A Star Wars Story as an eighteen-year-old trying to make her way through the slums of Corellia. Living in the dank area run by Lady Proxima, fashion isn’t exactly a major thing, but somehow she manages to look good with a hodgepodge of styles. A bold red shirt, a fur-lined coat, a leather skirt, and boots make up this actually very fashionable outfit.

The Beautiful Black Dress


Qi’ra returns three years later looking stunning as ever in this revealing black dress, golden jewelry, and her hair curled and absolutely perfect to act as a companion to this head-turning look. This look shows how Qi’ra has changed instantly and her growth in maturity. It’s one of my favorite looks on any character in Star Wars.

The Fur Coat


Over her adventure wear that is worn throughout the rest of the movie, we see Qi’ra don a fur shawl that is impressive, most impressive. It immediately presents the idea that yes, Qi’ra is no longer the poor young woman she was in Corellia but rather a distinguished assassin of Crimson Dawn.

The Adventure Outfit


The tan jacket, the black leather gloves, the leather skirt, and the fancy ponytail, Qi’ra screams femme fatale with this look, making her stand out amongst the female characters in the franchise.

Lando’s Red Cape


This red cape, which was, of course, found in Lando’s immaculate and rather intriguing closet, looks absolutely perfect with Qi’ra’s outfit. The way it flows to the ground around her and makes her look like a fancy Imperial moff is truly magnificent.

The Black Adventure Wear Without the Jacket


Qi’ra’s adventure outfit looks just as amazing without the jacket as well as we get a greater glimpse at her fanciness with the simple necklace which matches perfectly with her earrings. Qi’ra’s elegance is something that hasn’t often been presented in the recent Star Wars films and it’s why I find her to be so fascinating.

So, of these six looks, which is your favorite? For me, my favorite look is definitely the black dress. Simple, flirtatious, and elegant all in one, this dress is so beautiful I wish I had it for my own personal wardrobe.

Maybe I’ll cosplay as Qi’ra one Halloween just so I can wear this outfit. 😁

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the Force be with you.

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