A New Ice Cream Experience

Ice cream. I love ice cream! I like to think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur. Chocolate is my favorite go-to flavor. Cookies and cream is my favorite guilty pleasure flavor of all time. Whenever I get the chance to have ice cream I take it and enjoy the delicious iced sweet, flavored cream that makes me smile every time I eat it (unless it’s Neopolitan ice cream which I will skip every time.)

So, yesterday, while taking a brief trip to Chapel Hill, NC, the home of the utterly beautiful University of North Carolina (which is the college I am TOTALLY going to when I finally take my step in that direction), I was walking down Franklin Street with my mother and sister and low and behold we ran into an intriguing ice cream place called Ice & Lab.

Entering the ice cream shop, I expected it to be like every other ice cream place I’d ever been to but it wasn’t long before I realized it was immediately a different sort of place. Being the ice cream fan that I am, I picked the flavor (King Kong Island–it’s vanilla ice cream with banana and oreos…yum) and the guy made it.

This wasn’t your average ice cream shop because the ice cream is rolled. It’s a new trend that’s popping up all over the country to offer people new and exciting experiences with one of America’s favorite summertime treats; ice cream. Originating from Southeast Asia, rolled ice cream has become a countrywide phenomenon and, wanting to eventually go to a rolled ice cream-serving place, finding Ice & Lab was SO exciting!

We were able to watch the man make the rolled ice cream (which was fascinating, I was so fascinated in fact that I forgot to take a video or pictures of the exciting feat) and then we were given the ice cream to enjoy.

Just looking at this is making me salivate.

Rolled into six perfect rolls, this King Kong Island ice cream was beckoning me to enjoy what would be some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

IMG-2264 (1)

This is the face of someone who’s about to taste an exciting new flavor and style of ice cream.


Here we go!


To elaborate on my expression, in this picture the ice cream has just hit my taste buds and boy it was DELICIOUS! Cold, creamy, not too sweet, and full of Oreo and banana deliciousness, it was very clear that this place had become my instant favorite hangout spot in Chapel Hill, NC.

My sister and I shared the ice cream (which was actually perfect because we each got three rolls of ice cream which surprisingly was a lot) and we were entirely satisfied (and thrilled) at the end.


With the ice cream devoured and settling in my stomach, I had to give the rolled ice cream my classic brand of approval, a thumbs up.

So, yes, if you EVER find yourself in Downtown Chapel Hill, NC, please stop by Ice & Lab. It’s such great service there, the ice cream is amazing, and the flavors are inventive and entirely delightful. And what makes it even better, you can take this sweet treat on the go and not have to worry about it melting all over you in the sun because it is in a cup, which I appreciate.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

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