What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 1?

There are a lot of beautiful and imaginatively inventive outfits that are made for characters in cinema but it’s kind of obvious that Padme has the greatest wardrobe of all of the characters. From The Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith, Padme’s style is outstanding with a capital O and so very extensive that her segment will take three days to study. So on that note let’s look at her outfits in The Phantom Menace.

Classic Red Dress


So perfect, so illustrious, so powerful, Queen Amidala demands your attention in this fascinating getup. This was the look she wore for the first time we saw her in The Phantom Menace and it was very apparent that this woman, this young queen, was a boss.

That’s A Traveling Outfit?


When Naboo was under siege by the Trade Federation Queen Amidala changed to a fittingly somber look. This all-black dress and headdress is expectedly flamboyant and undoubtedly stunning.

There’s nothing subtle about this look.

Naboo Royal Handmaiden Dress

Naboo Royal Handmaidens

Queen Amidala is fantastically dressed for any occassion but her royal handmaidens don’t look too shabby either. They are dressed in simple but beautifully designed orange garments that make them look harmless but in actuality beneath those glorious robes are blasters that the handmaidens are trained to use in case they must protect their queen. It’s fascinating stuff.

The Undercover Queen


As queen Padme didn’t often get to see places as poor as Tatooine so she decided to get a taste of what the galaxy was really like. She went undercover, wearing her hair back in a braided fashion that didn’t seem too fancy but still reeked royalty. She was clad in this simple grey vest, blue long-sleeved shirt with the grey wraps around the forearms, the blue belt, and black pants.

It’s a simple outfit but it still manages to be eye-catching in a certain way.

The Powerful Grey Dress


Queen Amidala’s getups were extravagant but there was a sternness to each outfit she wore that oozed authority. I love this scene because of the power she holds in her appearance. Senator Palpatine, clothed in black, speaks to her about the state of the Republic and their view on Naboo’s situation and as she watches him, regal in her grey robes and dazzling headdress, there’s no doubt that she’s the most powerful person in the room.

The Eye-Dazzling Red and Gold Dress


Omg, right? Talk about extravagant. With all of the gold, the headdress, the hair, everything about this design is created to make your jaw drop.

The Black Coruscant Dress


One thing that cannot be denied about Padme Amidala is her sense of style. Gosh! This black dress, the hairstyle, those black earrings! Everything about this outfit is incredible. So much detail went into making Padme the most stylish character in this franchise and it’s going to take a while before any character can dethrone Padme for greatest movie wardrobe of all time.

Queen Amidala’s Travel Outfit


Another thing that makes Queen Amidala’s style so beautiful is that she has so many different colored outfits. While heading back to Naboo Queen Amidala wears this purple dress with this purple headdress that always resembled men’s ties to me for some reason. While it’s not my favorite design of hers there’s no doubt that she looks amazing in the velvet dress.

Royal Warrior

Padme 14

At fourteen Padme Amidala wasn’t just a powerful queen who talked smack to chancellors and didn’t abide by her elderly senator’s wishes. She was also a fighter who was willing to run into battle to save her planet. Elegant and still holding an air of regality, Queen Amidala proved that you can kick butt and look beautiful doing it too.

The Celebration Dress


Throughout The Phantom Menace, we see Queen Amidala in several regal, powerful getups that show little skin but for the fantastic celebration highlighting Naboo’s liberation from the Trade Federation Queen Amidala wears an outfit that’s a little more revealing and designed for having a good time.

She still, however, carries an air of power with the flamboyant cape that looks like feathers with the sort of peacock fan in the back.


And up close she looks even more beautiful with the dazzling tiara and her hair worn in four beautiful buns that truly bedazzles the sense. Ever since I was little, this outfit has wowed me.

Of these outfits which is your favorite? For me, my favorite is undoubtedly the Celebration Dress. The Red and Gold one she wore during her time in the Senate Meeting on Coruscant was spectacular, of course, but there’s something about that final dress she wears at the end of The Phantom Menace that will always wow me.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

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