Ranking All of Black Widow’s Hairstyles; from Worst to Best

Throughout the MCU the characters have evolved in more ways than one. At one time Thor had the dazzling golden locks (or dazzling golden wig.) Then he had short hair. And then he was, in lamer terms, fat. These heroes and heroines have become different people over the course of the MCU and one of the greatest evolving characters is Black Widow. Her evolution is literally shown through the journey of her hairstyles. From long and curly to blond and cropped, Black Widow’s hair has had quite the evolution and this evolution will continue to evolve even in her standalone film which is set to arrive next May.

With that in mind, I will surely have to update this list after Black Widow, but for now, here’s my ranking of her hairstyles from worst to best.

10. Curl-tastic


I love Black Widow’s role in Iron Man 2 but her hairstyle during her off-the-chain action sequence in the film is a little…distracting. I understand that her hair was like this at this particular part because she had just pulled it out of a bun so it fell around her face in these curls but like I said before, it was distracting away from how awesome she really is.

9. The Cropped Red Wigs


Whether we’re talking about her hair in The Avengers or Avengers: Age of Ultron I have always never been a fan of this particular hairstyle with her character. It distracted away from her coolness, as it seemed too well made (and red) for my liking.

8. Formal Curls


When Nastasha Romanoff first arrived in Iron Man 2 she didn’t seem at all like your classic superhero. She seemed to be this attractive piece of eye candy that Tony was going to chase after while Pepper Potts steamed over in the corner.

Here, her hair lays down in a simple curled fashion. It makes her flirty and conservative all at once. Tony had no idea he was looking at one of the most dangerous spies in the world, at least, he didn’t know yet.

7. The Cinched Curled Hairstyle


There are a couple of super icky, sexually tense scenes (one being a deleted scene) between Tony Stark and Ms. Romanoff before he finds out she’s a super spy and in this scene we see her sporting yet another hairstyle. It’s cinched to the side to add a bit more dazzle and formality to the look than before while still managing to flatter her.

Tony was totally drooling over her for a second.

6. Long Curls


The constant curl of her hair is a bit distracting, considering that the curls never come out which seems unsensible in the context of the action scenes. In fact, I can’t help but ask myself, when did she even get time to curl her hair? What I do appreciate about this color though is the less artificial red color of the hair. It provides a greater authenticity to her character than the red wigs she wore in The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

5. Fancy Cropped Hairstyle


We don’t very often get to see Black Widow when she isn’t trying to save the world as an Avenger but Avengers: Age of Ultron gives us a bit of time to see Natasha Romanoff in a different light. At this party Tony has thrown in celebration of weeding out all of finally the loose HYDRA ends, Ms. Romanoff dresses up and does her hair in this captivating. She looks amazing, as expected, and it offers a side to her that isn’t usually seen, which I like.

4. Casual Hairstyle


In Avengers: Endgame we see Black Widow at the lowest she’s ever been and it’s very apparent in more than just her actions/emotions but also her hair. Gone are the curls that have been a constant definition of her character replaced by this rugged long hairstyle that makes her look all the more depressed.

She also seems to not mind the fact that only the second half of her hair is blond, showing that she isn’t very focused on her hair (or makeup) anymore.

3. Cropped Blond


Infinity War presented some major changes to our favorite heroes, including Black Widow. Gone was the red hair that had become her staple, replaced by this blond cropped look that was simply amazing. Suddenly, she was this entirely different person who had clearly been through some rough times over the years since Civil War. She seemed toughened, more like a warrior, and it was a great surprise to her character.

2. The Braid


Avengers: Endgame was the culmination of the entire MCU up to that point and Black Widow was much more hardened than she had been before, which is very apparent in her hairstyle. She was ready to do whatever it took to save the world so she put her back in a dazzling braid that was even cooler with the blond tips.

1. The Straight Red Hair



My favorite film featuring Black Widow was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It was the movie that gave her the most substance and introduced her as a hero worthy of being an Avenger. And her hairstyle was on point as well.

So, this is how I’m ranking all of her hairstyles so far. I’m hoping her hairstyle (or hiarstyles) in Black Widow are just as awesome as they were in The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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