Is the Dark Storytelling for ‘Joker’ Too Good?

Joker is taking the cinema world by storm as it continues to premiere at film festivals and rock movie critics’ worlds. But there’s a consensus between some critics that Joker‘s dark storytelling is so well-made that it may actually inspire more violence in the United States.

With mass shootings occurring every day and movie theater shootings have happened in the past critics fear that Joker‘s tale of a man on the brink of sanity finally deciding to go off and kill a whole bunch of people may inspire others with the same philosophy to follow The Joker’s playbook, which would be HORRIBLE.

And, as people prepare for the film’s premiere this Thursday is Texas US Army military has found “credible” evidence that certain individuals are considering “the targeting of an unknown movie theater during the release” on the dark web. Costumes, face masks, and paint has also been banned at all movie theaters for moviegoers and employees for the film. Yeah, the fear surrounding this film’s disturbing message is no joke.

Yes, we love a good story that strikes us in our very core but Joker may have taken things a little too far.

Want to read more about what critics are saying about the film? Click the link here.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a very good day.

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