The Dark Knight Lives (TEN)

Mayor Barber Anistello was waiting outside of one of the nicest restaurants in Gotham, The Iron Pot. He had dressed in his best tuxedo and had greased his hair perfectly while giving himself a fresh shave. He wanted to look nice for his dinner with the beautiful Pamela Isley.

He remained beneath the golden overhang that was alight in gleaming white light, painting the small portion of the sidewalk in golden brightness, staying out of the rain. And then a limo appeared, parking on the curb before the restaurant. He knew for a fact that it was her and his stomach fluttered in response. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (TEN)

Movie Review Flashback: ‘A Quiet Place’ Is The Best Sci-Fi Movie I’ve Seen In Years

When I saw the trailer for A Quiet Place while watching Justice League I immediately knew I wanted to see this movie. I’m not a fan of scary movies in the slightest. I refuse to watch The Exorcist and I’ve just recently gotten the guts to watch The Shining all the way through. Scary movies are my allergy but this film felt like something I had to see. I’ve never seen a movie where the premise is that you have to stay completely silent to avoid being found by a mysterious something or else you will perish. I knew this film was going to be scary but the premise sounded too original and cool not to watch. I ended up missing the opportunity to see it in the movie theaters but I finally got to see it on digital at home and it was surprisingly better than I expected.


A Quiet Place is about a family who, in a post-apocalyptic world where any sound can get them killed, is just trying to survive. The movie starts a little slow but soon establishes the seriousness of the situation the family is going through in a legitimately horrifying fashion. The story then showcases the family living a somewhat ordinary life despite their obvious noise-making hindrance but when life hits with a bang (literally) things go awry real fast.

What impressed me the most about this film is its realistic situations. This movie could’ve easily turned south real fast by having the family participate in wild escapades that would’ve turned the film into a typical PG-13 action film where the protagonists are supposedly invincible (like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.) The writers for A Quiet Place, however, kept the suspense up and never let the movie get corny in any way. Let me give you an example. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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The ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Gets Its First Female Director for the Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

Star Wars; for nearly four decades the franchise has focused on white male characters and white male producers, directors, and writers calling the shots. And then Disney arrived to change that narrative slowly but surely.

Each film has offered more diversity than ever before.


The upcoming rumored Knights of the Old Republic trilogy set to arrive in 2022 is supposedly being helmed by a female writer.


And The Mandalorian will highlight the talents of a diverse cast of directors. Continue reading The ‘Star Wars’ Franchise Gets Its First Female Director for the Obi-Wan Kenobi Series

QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Seven

A Tremor in the Force

Darth Maul was standing on the edge of a cliff. His form was hunched as his leg bled profusely. In his right hand, he clutched his double-bladed lightsaber tightly, awaiting his opponent’s next attack. His breaths were ragged as he saw her approaching; a woman cloaked in darkness with a strange sword in her hand coated with his own blood.

This woman emanated anger. It floated around her in a red mist, enveloping her in its embrace. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Seven