The Dark Knight Lives (TWELVE)

After the crime scene was swept for clues as to who had murdered the mayor and next to no evidence was discovered the police officers, reporters, and news channel vans began to dissipate, moving on to juicier events happening around Gotham.

Robin and Lynx, however, were some of the few people to still hover around the courthouse, looking for any sign of a clue as to the murderer’s identity. It took them until twelve in the afternoon, underneath a morbid grey sky, before they found a single clue. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (TWELVE)

Where Does Mysterio Fall in My Updated Ranking of the Marvel Villains?

With every year that passes my ranking of the Marvel villains is updated as new films in the franchise deliver new antagonists to enjoy. With Spider-Man: Far from Home under my belt, here is my latest ranking of the Marvel villains. Enjoy!

22. Malekith


Malekith is still the worst villain in Marvel.

21. Ronan the Accuser


While Guardians of the Galaxy will always remain as one of my favorite Marvel films Ronan is just…corny.

20. Yellow Jacket


I like Yellow Jacket’s suit, I don’t like the man in the suit. He was way too cliché, his face was kind of annoying, and that ultimately is the problem.

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QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Nine

An Imminent Fate

Qi’ra looked up and saw a shaft of red light pouring from a hole in the ceiling. She had fallen ten feet into a dark cave whose walls were lined with the brambled tree’s roots that snaked toward the surface. In the darkness, she could hear the distinct squeak of bats. Her heart hammered in response.

There was the hum of a lightsaber as Darth Maul appeared at the edge of the hole, his form a shadow against the maroon backdrop of the nighttime sky. And then he jumped into the cave before her, his blood-red lightsaber bathing the darkness in a haunting glow. Continue reading QI’RA: Chapter Forty-Nine