The Dark Knight Lives (FOURTEEN)

The first thing Robin felt was the cold. The terrible, terrible cold that seeped into his bones. The second thing he noticed was the incessant bark of birds that seemed to surround him, their calls echoing in his ears. And the third and most distinct thing he noticed was the putrid smell of what was clearly humans’ waste.

His eyes flashed open and he immediately knew he was somewhere that he wasn’t supposed to be.

He was lying on a wet rock in a massive cavern filled with ice, soldiers clad in black masks with white circles over where their eyes should have been walked to and fro holding military-style guns, small buildings lined the walls pouring forth warm light, a brown river flowed through the cavern and Robin didn’t want to think what it consisted of, but what was most bizarre were the penguins. There were penguins everywhere, waddling and honking as if this was their native habitat. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (FOURTEEN)

MJ’s Intricate Personality is Why She Is Such a Great Character

One of the most important elements of Spider-Man’s story is his love life. He’s a hero for the nerdy guys of the world as by day he’s pretty much this awkward teenager who is as nerdy as they come but by night he becomes a web-slinging superhero who is always finding a way to save the city that he loves. And he always gets the girl.

Throughout the years, Mary Jane Watson has been the beacon of Peter Parker’s affections.

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In the first Spider-Man trilogy Kirsten Dunst played a more accurate comic book version of the character as she sported the red hair Mary Jane Watson is often associated with.

Emma Stone reformed the character, having blond hair instead of the classic red hair of the character. Both of these Mary Jane’s are your classic damsels in distress, it just so happens that Emma Stone’s version of the character died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a gutsy choice on the writers’ part.

And then we have the latest rendition of the character, Michelle or as she’s more commonly known MJ. Continue reading MJ’s Intricate Personality is Why She Is Such a Great Character

QI’RA Concludes…But It’s Not the End

My QI’RA series has reached its end. Fifty chapters have come and passed. Qi’ra’s story has evolved and now she is the leader of Crimson Dawn, having defeated Darth Maul in an epic battle. Her lover, Nienye, ended up betraying her but she spared his life, sending him into exile, onto a new adventure in his own, personal journey.

Yes, this story has reached its end but I’m very excited to announce that a second story featuring Qi’ra and her continuing journey will arrive this December in QI’RA: A Rebel Rises. I can’t wait to share more with you about this upcoming story and I thank you so much for following this story that I’ve made. It’s been an utter blast.

Until then, I thank you for reading my current fanfiction series, The Dark Knight Lives, and I hope you have a beautiful day.

May the Force be with you.