MJ’s Intricate Personality is Why She Is Such a Great Character

One of the most important elements of Spider-Man’s story is his love life. He’s a hero for the nerdy guys of the world as by day he’s pretty much this awkward teenager who is as nerdy as they come but by night he becomes a web-slinging superhero who is always finding a way to save the city that he loves. And he always gets the girl.

Throughout the years, Mary Jane Watson has been the beacon of Peter Parker’s affections.

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In the first Spider-Man trilogy Kirsten Dunst played a more accurate comic book version of the character as she sported the red hair Mary Jane Watson is often associated with.

Emma Stone reformed the character, having blond hair instead of the classic red hair of the character. Both of these Mary Jane’s are your classic damsels in distress, it just so happens that Emma Stone’s version of the character died in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a gutsy choice on the writers’ part.

And then we have the latest rendition of the character, Michelle or as she’s more commonly known MJ.


Being the first woman of color to catch Peter Parker’s eye, MJ started as merely a side character in Spider-Man: Homecoming and then transitioned into Peter Parker’s full-time love interest in Far from Home. 

I love MJ because she seems so unbothered at all times. And yet, the entire time, she’s secretly infatuated with Peter Parker.


In Far from Home, things turn up a notch between the two and MJ starts to reveal her true self from behind the layers she’s put up as a defense against potential bullies. But as that defense starts to fall, we see another side to her that we don’t often see.

Gone is the unbothered facade, revealing a happier side of her that she only reveals to Peter Parker, which shows how much she likes him. But some of the walls she keeps around herself are still retained, as she thinks that Peter Parker may not like her as much as she hopes he would.

It isn’t until later in the film when the two teenagers FINALLY profess their love for one another that she ultimately takes down all of the barriers and reveals her true self to Peter Parker.


By the end, MJ is a completely different person. Her guard is down and there’s a joy he brings her that she only reveals when he’s around. It’s so freaking sweet and a great way to make her stand out among the superhero-girlfriends in the MCU.

I’m so excited to see their romance continue in Spider-Man 3 and who knows, she may eventually become a superhero one day like Pepper Potts did in Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Endgame.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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