The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-SEVEN)

Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley were awaiting The Penguin’s arrival. They couldn’t believe it. His plan had played out just like he envisioned and now Gotham was ready to have him as their mayor. Him! Mr. Goldman. It was almost laughable.

When The Penguin arrived in his secret underground lair Harley Quinn was the first to reach him.

“You did it!” she giggled. “Ha-ha! You did it.”

The Penguin walked past her, a scowl on his face. Pamela stopped him, placing a hand on his arm.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

He looked at her, his expression perturbed. “Yes, I wanted this. But there’s a glitch in my plan.”

Harley’s eyebrows scrunched. “Glitch? What are you talking about?”

“Robin,” he told them. “Robin has seen my face. Remember, when he was here in our captivity? He saw me? He talked to me? If he contacts the new Commissioner or the news my plan is ruined.”

Harley crossed her arms. “You should’ve let me kill him.”

He whirled, swinging his cane. Pamela stopped the cane with a sprig of ivy that she conjured from the stone floor.

“She’s right you know,” Pamela told him. “You thought he would die in the river. He didn’t.”

He snatched his cane away. “I know my mistake!” He stepped toward her. “But you and Harley were supposed to kill him last night.”

Pamela’s jaw clenched.

“How were we supposed to know he was going to have friends?” Harley replied frustratedly.

The Penguin looked at her. “He is a liability to my plan. As long as he is alive…”

Pamela nodded. “We’ll find him. And we’ll get rid of him. We promise.”

The Penguin snarled. “Hurry. Time is of the essence!”

Harley Quinn saluted him mockingly. “Yes, sir!” she yelled before turning to leave the underground cavern.

As Pamela turned to follow her, The Penguin grabbed her wrist.

“It would do you well to find him, otherwise…” he whispered menacingly.

Her eyes flashed with anger and her right hand curled. He choked as she conjured a swath of ivy around him, lifting him from the ground by his throat.

“You can pretend to have authority over everyone else but don’t you dare threaten me,” she told him. “I’m not someone you want to get on your bad side.”

With her warning plain in his ears, she released him before leaving the underground cavern, her heels clicking against the stone. Rubbing his neck, he stared after her, his teeth bared in anger.

“I know your weakness, Pamela!” he yelled after her.

She stopped momentarily.

“Don’t forget that.”

She looked back at him one last time before exiting the cavern.

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 9

Qi’ra followed Lando, her eyes narrowed inquisitively.

“And who is that supposed to be?” she asked, referencing the irate droid that was arguing passionately with a human.

Lando smiled at her. “That’s L3-37. My first mate.”

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Here’s the Official Poster for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

The trailer dropped last night for The Rise of Skywalker and, as always, the poster dropped simultaneously. So, with no further delay, here’s the poster.


Pretty awesome right? Very simple yet to the point. But what’s the most striking about this poster is the lack of villainous presence upon this poster. Even Kylo Ren doesn’t feel super villainous in this poster. It’s very, very interesting.

What are your thoughts on the poster? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day. May the Force be with you.

My Thoughts and Analysis of the Final ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer

Okay, okay, okay. Last night when I saw this trailer I was underwhelmed, disappointed, a bit confused altogether. But now, after getting a good night’s sleep, and seeing the trailer again two times this morning, I can legitimately say this trailer is amazing.

Never have we had a trailer so full of hope, so full of promise. It could be a massive lie of course if the movie actually concludes with a depressing ending, but for now, LucasFilm is not trying to fill us with fear but rather fill with us an undeniable joy of what’s to come. And yes, I’m sure there will be some heartbreak, maybe a few deaths along the way, but at the end of the movie, when the credits start rolling, the true happy ending that has taken four decades to bring about will finally arrive and it’s going to be beautiful. Oh my gosh, I’m getting emotional.

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