The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-EIGHT)

Blake Lively could not seem to shake the fact that he had seen Mr. Goldman before. In Gotham Park, he had stood a distance away from the stage but there was a disturbing familiarity to Mr. Tom Goldman that had his brain throbbing with frustration.

He tried to let go of his worries as he stood in the lobby of the orphanage that the Wayne Manor now housed. Behind him, he could hear the voices of children permeating the walls of the mansion. It brought him memories of when he used to be an orphan. Those years of his life hadn’t brought the fondest memories but…there were memories that he recalled with joy. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (TWENTY-EIGHT)

My Sister’s Opinion: The Confusion of Kylo Ren’s Villainy and the Relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren

If you’ve followed the Sequel Trilogy, you will know about its conflicted main antagonist, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, and its resourceful protagonist in Rey.

In The Force Awakens, their journeys began far apart but very near. Kylo Ren first entered the story as a masked crusader who instantly destroyed an entire village on Jakku in search of a map to the infamous Luke Skywalker.

Beyond the village, we were introduced to Rey somewhere else on Jakku, scrounging for scraps just to survive under the ruthlessness of Unkar Plutt.

Very different beginnings that would ultimately clash when they first encountered each other on Takodana, where Kylo Ren subsequently captured Rey, beginning their relationship.

This is where the confusion of Kylo Ren’s villainy and the intent behind their relationship becomes prevalent in the Sequel Trilogy storyline. Continue reading My Sister’s Opinion: The Confusion of Kylo Ren’s Villainy and the Relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 10

As Qi’ra took off her fur coat quiet chatter filled the Millennium Falcon’s curved white halls. She smiled. For the first time that day they were finally getting somewhere with this mission.

She took a glance downward at the brand on her right wrist and her thoughts immediately drifted to Dryden Vos. What was he doing? Was he thinking about her as she thought about him?

She sighed. She couldn’t go very long without being reminded of the Crimson Dawn, could she? Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 10

Comparing the Official Trailers for the Sequel Trilogy

Nearly a month ago I wrote a post comparing the teasers for the three films of the current Sequel Trilogy and now I’m comparing the sequel trilogy official trailers. This is going to be so much fun! Enjoy!

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens trailer is just…magical. Star Wars was believed to never return, and then Disney bought LucasFilm and suddenly a franchise we loved so much was back at full throttle. The Force Awakens trailer is all about reigniting the Star Wars fandom and boy did they do that. Even years after seeing this trailer it still riles me up because it is so amazing.

The music is phenomenal, the feeling is emotionally powerful, and the story the trailer is trying to tell is astounding.

What is most evident about this trailer is its attention to Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and Han Solo which makes sense considering that the movie centered around them. There was a true sense that this was going to be the beginning of a new era of Star Wars movies and it truly has been quite the ride.

Looking back, it’s sad to think that this story is about to come to an end. Continue reading Comparing the Official Trailers for the Sequel Trilogy