The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-ONE)

Blake Lively was sitting at his console, overlooking Gotham from the several cameras he had placed around the city to aid him in his watchful protecting when his comlink blinked. He looked over and saw that it was the Commissioner. For a split second, he thought it was Commissioner Gordon until he realized that he was dead. It brought a sense of sadness to him with a striking realization. It was, however, Lynx and if she was contacting him there was a reason. Continue reading The Dark Knight Lives (THIRTY-ONE)

Revisiting The Last Jedi Novelization: Part 2

Yesterday I read the prologue and the first three chapters of the novelization for The Last Jedi. Today, I share my thoughts on Chapters 4-6. Enjoy!


Chapter 4 very simply gives us a more detailed account of the battle of D’Qar from Paige’s point of view, giving us a chance to know her character at a deeper level than what we were afforded in The Last Jedi.

There’s also a sense of disappointment in Poe Dameron in the fact that he decided not to heed his superiors’ orders and got so many Resistance fighters, like Paige, unnecessarily killed.

But undoubtedly the best thing about this chapter is when Finn wakes. We get to comprehend how he feels about being on the Resistance ship and how his thoughts primarily rest on Rey. It’s a testament to their friendship in the film. Continue reading Revisiting The Last Jedi Novelization: Part 2

If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 13

Qi’ra wasn’t very happy. She had allowed her past romantic emotions to briefly overshadow the mission at hand and that could be dangerous. Especially with someone like Tobias Beckett knowing her vulnerabilities. Even though she didn’t care for many things Dryden Vos said she believed his misgivings about Beckett. Tobias would do anything to survive and that meant she needed to watch her back.

As she walked to the cockpit where she hoped Lando’s company could potentially provide her a little comfort she heard a terrible noise overhead. As if two giant rocks were being smashed together. Continue reading If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 13